What Do You Mean BY CTFU?


Similar to AF, WTF, BTFO, GTFO, etc other acronyms, CTFU is one that includes the F-word for added intensity or vulgarity.

Meaning Of CTFU:

If you remove the F-word from the expression, then you’re dealing with “cracking up.” Well, it’s an idiom used to elaborate the act of breaking out in laughter — or maybe it’s the point of crying.

When someone says something ridiculous or when something funny happens in front of you, you unexpectedly start laughing extremely. Alternatively, that funny person or funny moment made you “crack-up” with laughter.

After adding the F-word in there and you’ve got yourself in the form of an acronym that delivers emotional intensity.

Examples of CTFU

In CTFU the C mean “cracking” or just “crack” — identical to how the L in LOL can meaning “laughing” or just “laugh.” However, it’s just a minor grammatical difference, but one method might make more sense than the other when it’s included in an online post or a text message.

Here are some of these examples:

  • “Omg, did that guy seriously just miss his mouth while eating a banana? CTFU!”
  • “CTFU because I just spelled your name wrong and almost didn’t realize it.” 
  • “I’ve been ctfu over the pictures u posted on Facebook last night.”

Use CTFU In Text Messages Or Online:

CTFU mean

If you need to move on to the CTFU bandwagon and begin using it in your own online/text vocabulary. Then it’s good to know how to use it so that it makes sense to those who view your article or message. Here are some amazing tips or tricks:

Use CTFU when you like to express the sudden storm of your laughter. Not all kinds of laughter are made equal. However, CTFU is the type of acronyms that captures that sudden, an uncontrollable storm of laughter that everyone can relate to when something really ridiculous happens.

Use CTFU when you like to express your laughter intensity. You could enter”LOL” or “hehehehe,” but they can’t convey the intensity of your laughter when something is so ridiculous that you find yourself laughing extremely hard and uncontrollably. CTFU is the best acronym for adding an additional hint of intensity to your expression of laughter.

Use it when you want to use something rather than LOL. Well, the term LOL “laugh out loud” acronym is slowly fading out. Also, it can be replaced with the newest emoji or acronyms that express a person’s laughter. If you like to sound like you keep up with the times. Then replacing LOL with that term becomes the acronym that makes you sound louder.


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