What Is ExpressVPN Torrenting?

ExpressVPN torrenting

What do you know about ExpressVPN torrenting? Today, we’ll explore this article with a deep look at ExpressVPN’s features and lots of other stuff. Come let’s explore!

Torrenting is no doubt one of the most popular ways to download online content. However, in the last few years, there have been major crackdowns on the excessive use of torrents from both copyright holders or ISPs. Well, torrents are used to download or install copyrighted content. As it is a very popular file-sharing protocol. It is based on P2P technology. Also, we call it “peer-to-peer”. It lets massive numbers of users attach and share content without having to depend on a single source for downloads.

Torrenting is very simple and easy to use. There are plenty of scrolling parts to the torrenting experience. You don’t need to know the ins and outs of file sharing to make it works well. But it’s glad to know what makes torrenting work so you got the most out of our downloads.

The best technique to keep yourself secure and safe when using torrents is to get a VPN. VPNs will translate all of your data that your device sends over the network. However, it includes data about your torrent use – so that no one can view what sites you are visiting or whether you have been installing torrents. Not even your ISP can monitor your internet activity.

Using ExpressVPN while torrenting is quite simple as running another piece of software. Selecting the best VPN for the job is a little tougher. There’s plenty of information to research. It includes server networks, encryption protocols, and privacy policies. We have illustrated the process by providing our top recommendation below.


Keep in mind that not all VPNs will be suitable for your requirements. Lots of VPNs don’t allow peer-to-peer traffic like torrents on their network, especially free VPNs. Other problems like security limitations mean you might not feel comfortable using torrents over a VPN. One VPN that is we recommend to torrent users is ExpressVPN. So take a deep look at the features and check whether ExpressVPN meets your requirements.

Do You Think Torrent Traffic Allowed With It?

Our major concern is to consider when looking at ExpressVPN is whether the VPN service enables the use of torrents and other peer-to-peer downloads. So, for your kind information ExpressVPN lets torrent traffic or P2P over its network. However, it means that you can also use the ExpressVPN service to hide your IP address and protect your anonymity when you use torrents.


  •  Unblocking Netflix USA, iPlayer, Amazon Prime
  •  The fastest servers we have tested
  •  Torrenting/P2P allowed
  •  Keeps no logs of personal data
  •  Live Chat Support.
  •  Compatible with ALL devices


  •  Priced slightly higher.

Zero Bandwidth Caps For It

Many users are looking for bandwidth caps. Many VPNs, especially free VPNs, have limits on the total amount of bandwidth that you can use in a month. Well, that’s not an issue if you are doing internet browsing or light streaming. But if you are a torrent user and you download or install a lot then you will very instantly hit a bandwidth cap. Then, you have to pay for access to many bandwidths from your free VPN. But this is not an issue for ExpressVPN users, as it lacks bandwidth caps for ExpressVPN. With ExpressVPN torrenting you can download too much content, whenever you want.

ExpressVPN Torrenting Basics

Before you move into the world of torrenting, few things you must know:

  • Indexers – Websites that gather torrent files and act as a search engine for content. However, If you’ve ever used Extratorrent, The Pirate Bay, or RarBG, simply you used an indexer. Make sure some sites are public while others are private and need an invitation.
  • Trackers – These are the servers that act as a bridge between torrent users. Whenever you upload or install a file, a torrent tracker organizes the whole thing.
  • Torrent client – Software used to attach torrent trackers to install and download and rearrange files on your PC. Deluge, uTorrent, and Transmission are some popular clients.
  • Seeders – These are the people who are uploading a file to the torrent network. Also, keep all downloads in your torrent client so you can seed them to other users. Without seeders, torrent content can’t be installed.
  • Leechers – Downloading a file without uploading (seeding) it. Leeching is generally considered a bad practice while torrenting.

 Best Security Features For ExpressVPN Torrenting

If you use torrents, it’s essential to have a VPN active, and it’s essential that the VPN you use provides strong security.

ExpressVPN offers the best security features, like the use of strong 256-bit encryption to protect your data that you send over the network. Whenever you connect to it, your IP address will be automatically hidden and no one can see your activity on the internet. So, in short, there is no connection between your torrent downloading activity or your actual IP address. Also, it uses shared IP addresses. It means that you and lots of other users will be working under the same IP address. This makes it even difficult for activity from that shared IP address to be monitored by any particular individual user.

No User Logs Guaranteed

Torrent users should consider their requirements in terms of security as well as privacy. The major concern in terms of privacy is VPN providers are trying to keep logs of their users’ activities. The issue is that when logs are kept and a user can be suspected of illegal activity, government or local police can legally force a VPN provider to hand over their logs of that user’s activities. So to fix the issue, ExpressVPN keeps no logs of its users’ activities. Well, a no-logging policy is the best way for VPN users to protect their privacy or security online.

Fast Connections For Torrent Downloads

The new technologies are going to come with some difficult hurdles to overcome, but a BitTorrent is no exception. Whenever torrenting became popular users using it to share movies and TV shows. It is a tool for breaking the law, which is quite unfair. BitTorrent has infinite legal uses. Torrenting no doubt itself is amazingly legal.

The difference that makes the torrenting alive is the fact that torrent sites can’t host any content. You’re installing or downloading from other users, not from indexers and trackers, which puts the majority in a legally gray area. Well, it is the case with downloading any file from the internet. But there’s always a choice when you’ll run into a virus or malware.

You can download or install a huge library of files very quickly. Because you are installing chunks of a file from various other users. Whenever your Wi-Fi connection is fast you can then easily download files, even if the files are big in size.

Speed Issue:

But the issue with the speed of downloads while using a VPN to keep you safe. If the connection speed is slower than your Wi-fi connection, then it affects your download speed and it will take too much time for you to download large files. Fortunately, ExpressVPN offers the fastest connection speeds of any VPN provider, so your downloads can execute at full speed.

Is ExpressVPN Torrenting Support OSes & Multiple Devices?

If you want to use a VPN, you should install a particular software from your VPN provider on your device. You can also install VPN software to download torrents, whether that device is a laptop, desktop, phone, tablet, or even a different sort of devices such as a games console, Raspberry Pi, or a Smart TV. However, if you want to do this, your VPN provider offers software that supports the platform that you are using for your torrents.

ExpressVPN torrenting offers the broadest support for platforms of any VPN provider. You can install or download the ExpressVPN software on devices running on both older or newer versions of Windows. Also, for those who are running on Linux or Mac OS. If we talk about smartphones, you can then install the ExpressVPN app on devices executing on iOS, Android, and Blackberry.

Alternatively, there is an option to install or download ExpressVPN directly on the supported routers. Well, it means that every device attached to your home network will be protected with a VPN – this is the best option if you have guests to your house who want to use the internet.

Check Your ExpressVPN Connection & IP Address Before Torrenting

ExpressVPN IP Connection

Before you open your torrent, check that your VPN is on and it is protecting you. Whenever you connect to a VPN, the large round button becomes green. But if you want more about it, then try to use ExpressVPN’s IP address checker function to make sure that you are secure before you initiate torrenting.

If you want to use the IP address checker, tap the 3 grey lines located at the top left of the ExpressVPN software to open the menu. You can then tap on Help, then IP Address Checker. As it’ll open your web browser to a page on ExpressVPN which checks your IP address. On this page, you’ll then view a green mark symbol and text saying ExpressVPN Connected if everything is working fine. You can also view your visible IP address under this. However, it should be quite different from your real IP address. Also, you can check the map located on the right to view the location that you are connected to. If everything seems good, you can then move ahead and start up your torrent software.


VPN is very important for all torrent users. So we highly recommend you get a VPN to protect or secure yourself. One of the best and proffered VPNs that we suggest for torrent users is ExpressVPN. This is one of the best choices of VPN for torrent users, as it enables P2P traffic on all of its servers and offers the combination of security, speed, and features that torrent users will want. You can easily configure or set it up.

If you want to share your thoughts and suggestions then let us know below!

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