What is Musnotifyicon.exe in Windows 10


Most of you have seen MusNotifyIcon.exe, MusNotification.exe, MusNotificationUx.exe, MusDialogHandlers.dll, and MusUpdateHandlers.dll files in your windows. These files are present in C:\Windows\System32 folder in your Windows 10 computer are not a virus or malware. These files are used by Windows 10 in order to show “Windows Update Status Icon” in the Taskbar notification area.  When new updates are pending for download or install or your device needs to reboot to apply important updates. In this article, we are going to talk about What is Musnotifyicon.exe in Windows 10. Let’s begin!

You may see these executables or processes running in Task Manager as shown in the following screenshot:


These files are saved under C:\Windows\System32 folder. You guys will find 2 extra DLL files related to these executables in the same directory which are:

  • MusDialogHandlers.dll (Modern Update Settings Scan Dialog Handlers)
  • MusUpdateHandlers.dll (Modern Update Settings Handler Implementation)

MUS basically stands for Modern Update Settings.


If you are worried about these executables and think that your computer is infected with some virus or malware, then calm down. Do not worry! These executables are related to a new feature that is present in the Windows 10 operating system called “Windows Update Status Icon“.

Windows Update Status Icon is actually shown in the Taskbar notification area (system tray). Whenever there are new updates available for download or install or your system needs to restart in order to apply updates.

All Mus* EXE and DLL files are actually related to this new “Windows Update Status Icon” feature. The MusNotifyIcon.exe executable shows the Windows Update Status Icon in the Taskbar notification area. That is why you see guys this process in Task Manager.

Remove MusNotifyIcon.exe Process

You can end task the MusNotifyIcon.exe process through Task Manager. It will remove the Windows Update Status Icon from the notification area as well. If the icon does not disappear, move your mouse cursor over the icon, and then it will disappear from Taskbar.

Disable MusNotifyIcon.exe Process from Running in Windows 10

If you guys do not want Windows 10 to execute the MusNotifyIcon.exe and other related executables automatically in your system. Then you can delete or disable the scheduled tasks created by Windows 10. That launch these processes automatically at regular intervals.

Open Task Scheduler using taskschd.msc command and then navigate to the “Microsoft\Windows\UpdateOrchestrator” folder. In the right-side pane, you guys will find many tasks such as the following:

Have a Look | Musnotifyicon.exe

  • Backup Scan
  • Maintenance Install
  • MusUx_UpdateUpdateResults
  • MusUx_UpdateInterval
  • Reboot_AC
  • Reboot_Battery
  • Schedule Scan
  • Schedule Scan Static Task
  • UpdateModelTask
  • USO_UxBroker

You can also turn them off or remove these tasks. And it will then block Windows 10 from running these executables automatically.


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