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What is Samsung Members App and How to Get it

what is samsung members

Well, in the cut-throat world of Android devices, Samsung has actually managed to carve out its very own, very own safe haven. To millions of users across the world, Samsung isn’t just another smartphone manufacturer. Samsung is basically a statement of reliability, style, and innovation. And none of it came in easy to the South Korean smartphone manufacturers as well. In this article, we are going to talk about What is Samsung Members App and How to Get it. Let’s begin!

Not only have they been bringing new tech to the market, consistently actually. However, they’ve also focused greatly on creating a thriving community of Galaxy smartphone users as well. The company may also have taken a page out of OnePlus’ book here, but it’s certainly serving them really well.

Today, we’ll also take a detailed look at Samsung’s Galaxy community, and help you get acquainted as smoothly as possible actually.

What is Samsung Members App and How to Get it?

Just like the name suggests, Samsung Members is Samsung’s all-powerful community app for Galaxy smartphone owners as well. Irrespective of if you guys own a flagship or an entry-level Galaxy device, then you are allowed to enter the community and bask in its glory.

The Samsung Members space is still an exclusive space, and you guys will need a Samsung account to get into the app. After you guys have done that, you can safely browse the community, participate in discussions, get exclusive discounts, test out beta ROMs. If available — and much more. Samsung Members is also a thriving community for Samsung fanatics, and there’s always a lot more to explore.

How to get the application

If it wasn’t clear already, Samsung Members is an Android application actually. This little gem of an app basically comes pre-installed on the latest Samsung smartphones. And you can access it through opening up your app drawer and clicking on the folder named “Samsung.”

But, even if you guys aren’t using one of the latest Samsung smartphones. Then you could get the same tried and tested application from the Google Play Store for free of cost.

How can you log into the Samsung Members app?

Now that you’ve downloaded the Samsung Members app, then it’s time to log in to the app and start to explore all the exciting aspects of the app opens up. Before you guys can explore everything on the menu, you’ll have to create a Samsung account. If you haven’t created a Samsung account yet, now’s the time to do it actually.

In order to create a Samsung account from your Samsung smartphone. First, go into Settings, and then tap on your profile picture thumbnail — which should be empty — at the top-right corner.

Now, you can select to create a new account from scratch or you could choose to take Google’s help and use it to create a new account. Once that’s done, you’ll be able to waltz into the Samsung Members app because it would automatically detect your Samsung account and log you in.

How ca you update your profile in Samsung Members

Samsung Members also has a dedicated profile section for all of its users. It is pretty much the place where you guys come to see how you’ve performed in the Samsung Members app. It shows how many folks liked your replies, how many followers you have, and also keeps track of your posts as well.

Whenever you’re just starting out, and then you’re going to see a bland, blank page in front of you actually. There won’t be a profile picture, and also your name, too, won’t be displayed. If you guys want to personalize your profile and possibly stand out, and you’ll have to add the basic information. In order to do so, just tap on the ‘Edit’ option on the right-hand side, which is next to the ‘Set profile’ banner.

On this screen, you’ll be able to add a new profile picture and also enter your name. After you’ve picked your name and profile picture, just click on ‘Save.’ The moment you guys do, your profile page would be updated, and you’ll see your Samsung Members rank as well. The rank starts at “Beginner Level 1.”

How to get support from the app

The best part about being a member of the Samsung Members community is basically the plethora of different solutions that you get to a problem you guys might be having. The community is one of the most helpful that you’re likely to come across. That bodes well for all users out there — new and old too. Samsung Members actually makes it super easy in order to get support from fellow Galaxy users. And we’ll list out all the options the app provides as well.

In order to get support, you’ll have to click on the ‘+’ button at the bottom left portion of your screen. This would bring up the following options: ‘Text chat,’ ‘Phone care,’ ‘Error reports,’ ‘Ask questions,’ and then ‘Write community post.’

Text chat

The first option that comes in handy when you want to go over a problem along with certified Samsung engineers over text. You guys will have to select the category of your issue, describe it, and then possibly connect along with a Samsung customer care executive through chat.

Phone care

Phone care is basically a specially-curated self-diagnostic space for Galaxy smartphone users. Just like that the name suggests, you’d be able to perform ‘Automatic checks,’ ‘Interactive checks,’ ‘Clean memory,’ and also ‘Optimise settings.’ With performing the said actions, you guys could help yourself get the most out of your phone.

Error reports

The moment you click on the option, Samsung Members starts to create a system report of your phone. After the checks are completed, the report is then sent to Samsung and is thoroughly investigated.

Ask question

Like any other community forum, Samsung Members also encourages its users to ask questions. For ease of use, the recently solved questions are shown at the top. However, the bottom portion of the screen is filled along with categories that your problem might fall in. Click on any of the categories and start describing.

Write a community post

The last option on here is pretty much the alternative to ‘Ask a question’ actually. If your problem isn’t adhering to any of the categories mentioned or you want to start a new topic of discussion. Then you could simply select ‘Write a community post.’

How can you access and get around the Community?

The Samsung Members app is a really great place to get help from some of the sharpest minds in the business. But, that doesn’t actually mean that’s all there is to the Samsung Members community as well. There are a plethora of off-topic and on-topic discussions, and there are different forums that you could look into.

From smartphones and wearables to promotions and the Samsung Online Store as well. There’s a lot to talk about here. Plus, you could even get noticed in the community via answering other people’s queries. In order to access the Samsung Members Community, simply tap on the ‘Community tab at the top of the page.

  • When you’re on the community page, then you’ll also notice a little plus icon at the upper right-hand side. Click on it to get a list of topics.
  • You can also add your favorite forums in order to access them instantly, without even having to go through the whole list.
  • Whenever you guys pick a favorite forum, it is also added as a sub-topic right underneath the ‘Community’ banner.

what is samsung members

  • Simply click on it to filter out the other topics and only read about the forum you’re interested in as well.

How to register for the latest beta program

Relying on the make and model of your Samsung Galaxy smartphone, You may be eligible to try out the latest One UI releases ahead of big public rollouts as well. These launches are basically dubbed as beta programs and are generally available a month. Or so before the official, stable rollout of the operating system as well.

Because these are time-sensitive events, you get a really narrow window in order to register for them. And after you guys do, then you get the latest beta updates right from the official channel, without even any manual intervention whatsoever.

Samsung Members is actually the only gateway to beta updates, of course. However, you won’t be able to see the beta announcements all year long. But, when it does go live, you’ll spot an announcement banner right on the homepage. If you don’t, then you could simply tap on the bell icon at the top-right corner of the landing page and then head to ‘Notices.’

All the announcements related to One UI betas are mostly tucked in here, usually under the name “Registration for One UI Beta Program.” Click on it and follow instructions in order to run the beta.

How to get discounts via the Members app

The Samsung Members app is basically a hub for all things related to Galaxy devices. Not only does it permit you in order to participate in discussions, but it also provides you an incentive to become a part of the ever-growing community. The ‘Benefits’ program of the Samsung Members app is basically aimed at making the deal sweeter than ever. Tat offers great discounts via referral codes.

  • Each and every Samsung Members user can also create a unique referral ID. That they can share with their friends. In order to create yours, first, tap on the ‘Benefits’ tab inside the app.
  • You’ll be led to the ‘Benefits’ page where youguys are likely to encounter a couple of banners. Click on ‘Samsung Referral Advantage.’
  • Now, Head to ‘Explore Now’ and log in.
  • You’ll also have to enter your mobile number in order to get your referral code.
  • You’ll also get the option in order to share your code immediately.
  • Every time someone uses your code, Samsung would also offer them a special discounted price and provide you a cash bonus for the referral.

How can you get the latest tricks and tips for your Galaxy

The Samsung Members app also has a really neat section to keep you up to date along with all the latest news in the world of Samsung devices. And if tech news pieces aren’t your thing, then you could also indulge in some tips and tricks. Learn a few methods in order to improve your Galaxy smartphone experience.

what is samsung members

To get the latest news and also a handful of great tips. All you have to do is fire up the Samsung Members app and click on the ‘News and Tips’ tab. When you’re on the page, then scroll down until you find a favorite to munch on. You guys can also star an article to add it to ‘Favourites’ as well as read at your leisure.

How to take part in a contest

No community is actually complete without a series of hard-fought contests, and also the Samsung Members community is certainly not an exception as well. Most of these contests are created for shutterbugs and involve themes as well. You’ll have to tap an image based on the said theme and then share it with the community. If you guys get the maximum votes. Then you’ll be dubbed the winner of the said contest and might even win exciting prizes as well.

  • In order to access the currently running contests, then you’ll have to click on the ‘Contests’ tab on the Samsung Members landing page.
  • Now, you have to pick a contest to enter.
  • Then, click on the ‘Enter contest’ button at the bottom right corner of your screen.
  • Next, pick a caption for your photo, press the ‘Gallery’ button to upload it.

what is samsung members

  • Finally, tap on ‘Post.’


Alright, That was all Folks! I hope you guys like this article and also find it helpful to you. Give us your feedback on it. Also if you guys have further queries and issues related to this article. Then let us know in the comments section below. We will get back to you shortly.

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