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What is WPS and How Does WPS Work?

Anyone who has set up a wireless router has come across it. Whether you knew what it was for or not. It was first made by the WiFi Alliance. And it was created with the intention to help those who just don’t get along with technology. It’s not actually hard to understand that what is WPS, how it works and also, how to deal with it.

What is WPS

Before WPS came along, creating a wireless network name was a real headache for many. Since it had to be done manually. Creating a wireless network name required that you should have knowledge of the WiFi device and the configuration modifications.

What is WPS:

So basically, WPS stands for WiFi Protected Setup. And its purpose is to make a connection between a wireless device and a router in a lot easier way. This technology will only work with wireless networks that require a password. They are encrypted with the security protocols WPA Personal or WPA2. One thing you have to keep in mind is that WPS will not work if the wireless network you use, is using the security protocol WEP security.

What is WPS

WPS is basically is to simplify the process of connecting your device to a wireless network. With WPS, you can skip the process of having to successfully connect to a network and then having to enter the password. It also makes everything easier since it will set up a wireless network. With an SSID and secure WPA data encryption and authentication.

How Does WPS Work?

Now you know about WPS but do you know how does it work? The first step would be to press the WPS button that is located on the back of your router. On some routers, it will be near the Ethernet ports. Grab the device you want to connect and find the network and select it. Your device will connect to the network automatically without you having to enter any information.

If you use it to connect to a network. Then you won’t have to repeat the process without having to push the WPS button again. Your device will not have a problem remembering the necessary data to connect to the network. When you use WPS, there won’t always be a button to press. Some devices support it, but won’t have the button. Well in these cases, you need to enter an eight-digit code. We can found it on the WPS configuration page.

On the majority of the routers, It will enable automatically. But there are some problems that will require. That you turn it on by using the firmware of the router and the administration user interface.


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