Why do you buy a cheap case for a €1,000 mobile?

Let’s get into the situation, buy a new iPhone and come home, open it with care and enthusiasm. It is time to start it and start using it. But before you fall into the account that you do not have a case, so you throw yourself into the corner bazaar, you’ve seen some that for just over 3 euros make the fix.

Is it a good idea to buy a case of that category for the iPhone? That is something of a somewhat more than dubious quality for a top phone. It is never a good idea. Today we analyze the causes and consequences of not investing in an accessory that makes a device arrive in good condition at the end of its useful life.

iPhone cover

What to do when dressing an iPhone?

The answer is clear, yes or yes you have to invest something in your iPhone so that the protection is assured. Many times you do not understand the reasons that lead someone to end up paying up to 1,600 euros on a device, then end up putting an economic cover, a frightening design, which completely kills the stylized lines of the iPhone, and in case of fall, It does not protect anything at all.

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Why are there so many people who do not invest what they owe in a cover? Maybe from the remorse of doing a lot spent on a phone? Is it necessary to spend a lot on a cover in conditions? Probably a case is an accessory that sells the most and is one of the most valued. Why then save on something so necessary?

A cover, regardless of the design, which goes into the subjective, has to provide good protection against bumps and falls, take care of the screen, and if possible, combine with your way of being. Hence, never, and I speak in my particular case, I stick exclusively to a case, although I have one that is my right eye.

The premium covers you have to look at

Although we have already told you about Bellroy, we remind you that it is an Australian manufacturer specialized in leather covers, which are made by hand and using selected raw materials. The skin has many virtues, ages very well, gives a feeling of warmth, provides a good grip or dresses elegantly any object.

Bellroy covers

Bellroy always makes covers that give us good feelings, and maybe you can value the purchase of some of their products. The truth is that they fall in love with just seeing them, what are you waiting to do with your unit? Bellroy is always a good guarantee, so if you are looking for something that provides quality, it is undoubtedly your manufacturer.

Similarly, there is a manufacturer in the United States that is very well-known called Sena, specialized in leather products for all types. It also has a favorable point, always has good deals and discount coupons, make shipments worldwide, and allow us to customize the covers with our initials. A couple of years ago I had a SENA cover and the sensations were fantastic. My iPhone 7 Plus, a device I had at the time, looked much better.

Seine covers

Alternatives on Amazon

Having a quality cover does not have to be synonymous with spending a lot, at Amazon, there is a wide variety of well-made products, with premium quality and that offer adequate protection from day to day. One of the most important problems of any sheath is that although they cost almost nothing, at the moment of truth they end up taking their toll. How many lamentations have there been after a simple fall? Fixing a screen, or having a mark on any corner is a nuisance. Not only for aesthetics but because it makes the price of the iPhone at the time of selling it in the second-hand market declines.

Premium cases on Amazon

As you can see in the link that we just put, we found good covers from just over 20 euros. What does that mean in the final amount of your iPhone? So choose between the selection, choose well and enjoy your new case, which will be up to your device. Do not even think about evaluating the purchase of any sheath of any bazaar. Your iPhone does not deserve something like that, and security can be compromised.

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