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Why Live Captions Currently Not Available For Me in Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams’ collaborative software is wrapped to the peak with amazing features that can help you get the most out of your remote workflow. The most popular and newly launched feature of Microsoft Teams can allow Live captions. Also, it allows you to read transcripts of the users that you are conspiring within real-time while calling them. Do you ever use Live captions in Microsoft Teams? Are you facing problems? Come let’s take a look at some of the common reasons why Live captions currently not available for me.

Make Sure it is Enable

Live captions can’t work automatically. If you can’t enable it on manually then the feature is still off. If you want to turn on it, tap on the ‘3-dot’ menu icon under your screen in the calling bar rather than the end call button. A sub-menu opens where you will view an option named ‘Turn on live captions’. Tapping on it will turn on live captions for your recent meeting.

In Video Calls Live Captions Not Available

Live captions are not available during one on video calls. So in this situation, you are trying to call the person directly or video chat with that person, then the feature will be available to you. For now, Microsoft also believes that live captions are more effective in meetings where several users will be joining each other to collaborate on various projects. Because of this, it’s complex for non-native English speakers to understand the accent of native English speakers and so on. However, the feature helps you by allowing you to understand the other participants in a meeting much more clearly and effectively.

What you can do?

You can avoid this limitation that is placed by Microsoft for now after creating a new video meeting. Simply use the calendar menu for that. Just follow the article below to turn on live captions for a video meeting below.

Note: If you like live captions in a video call where a person is trying to call you. Simply disconnect and set up a meeting with them to get live captions using your talk with them.

How To Create a Meeting With Live Captions

Step 1:

Initially, open Microsoft teams and tap on ‘Calendar’.


This procedure works for the web version and the desktop and mobile the application.

Step 2:

Tap on ‘Schedule’.

Step 3:

Now choose ‘Meet now’ and then ‘Join Now’ on the other page.

Step 4:

Then you will view the choices to ‘Invite’. However, tap on it and share the invite to the person that you like to chat with.

Step 5:

When the meeting begins. Simply tap at the menu icon located at the bottom of your screen in the calling bar.

Step 6:

Choose the option named ‘Turn on live captions’.

All done! Now the features turn on in your video call which enables you to comprehend the other person much better.

Feature Not Available in Audio Calls

Currently, Live captions are not available in its initial launch phase. Because Microsoft is still testing its functionality across services and devices. Currently, they are not available for audio calls. If you have been starting VoIP calls with someone and find that the feature is missing.  It is because Microsoft can’t support this feature yet for audio calls.

What you can do?

Move to Microsoft’s UserVoice forums that provide you the ability to request the latest and upcoming features for existing services. You can also create the latest post requesting this feature where other users enable to vote on it.

Are you using the latest version of the Microsoft Teams app if you are on a mobile device?

In December 2019 the feature was launched for desktop users. Recently, Microsoft updated its Android app in the 2nd week of March which allows the feature for Android users as well. After using Microsoft Teams on a mobile device then remember the app is updated to its current version. Also, Earlier versions can’t support live captions. You can also use the links to directly open the app in your phone’s marketplace and check for a pending update if any.


I hope this article helps to answer some of your queries about Microsoft Teams. Do you have any more queries and questions? Feel free to ask queries and questions to share your views with us in the comments section below.

Till then! Peace Out 🙂

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