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Windows 10: How To Modify Mouse DPI Settings

Do you want to modify the mouse DPI settings in Windows 10? People game on PCs. Some people consoles, but others want PCs. If you’re gaming newbie or want to play a while but never think your mouse performed right during games. You probably advised us to modify the DPI for the mouse. DPI is the difficult term that’s used to explain the sensitivity of the mouse. It’s quite easier or simpler for end-users to know what is the meaning of sensitivity in terms of a point & click than you understand DPI. Well said this setting can help to improve the performance of mouse’s in a game. Whether you want to enhance the DPI or decrease it depends on you.

Modify Mouse DPI Settings

Modify Mouse DPI Settings

This is essential for gamers however if you can’t game but are not completely comfortable with the performance of your mouse’s, the settings we explain here are worth going over.

Head over to the Settings app and move to the Devices group of settings. Then choose the Mouse tab. On the right side, under it, look for a choice known as ‘Additional mouse options’ and tap it.

However, a new window opens. It’s the old Mouse settings that came from Windows 7 & Windows 8/8.1.

There are two settings that you want to modify here. The first one is the slider under ‘Motion’. Basically it is the mouse sensitivity and it explains the speed of mouse fast and the total screen space the cursor covers while scrolling the actual mouse. Also, it’ll take a little trial and bug to get it just right, but this is the setting you like to modify first.

At the bottom of this slider is the ‘Enhance pointer precision’ choice. It is usually turned on by default and it is meant to secure taps on empty spaces. Generally, it enables the OS to calculate what you really want to click on even if the cursor was some pixels away. For games, this is more an obstacle so turn off it. Personally, I found that it isn’t all that essential for normal, non-gaming use. That’s all about it.


There are special mice designed for gaming. They have some additional buttons that can be mapped to particular functions and come with their own app to manage or organize them. While having such a mouse, it’s a good idea to use its own app to modify the DPI settings. The option might or might not be there but that’s where you must check.

All mice are not equally created. Some compatible with a higher DPI rate i.e., gaming mice, while other mice are for normal use. You can also use a normal mouse to the game but if you’re not satisfied with it and modifying the settings doesn’t help, you also want to upgrade your hardware.

If your mouse is straggling in general, you must move to other tips to view what might be the issue.


Here’s all about “Modify Mouse DPI Settings”. If you are facing any issue then let us know. If you think that it is helpful then do let us know your suggestions in the comment section below. Have you found any other method that you think we can’t cover in this article? Feel free and let us know below!

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