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ZTE Zmax Pro Z981 Root and TWRP Recovery

If you happen to be a ZTE Zmax Pro Z981 user who has wanted to root their device for a really long time then this post is the best place for you to be. Here, we will give you all the basic and important information that you need to have before you begin to root your device. We will also give you the answers to the most asked questions such as What is rooting? How can you root an Android device? What advantages does rooting have? In this article, we are going to talk about ZTE Zmax Pro Z981 Root and TWRP Recovery. Let’s begin!

Here we will give you all the information that you need to know before you start with the rooting process. We will also give you the answers to the most frequently asked questions that many folks ask about rooting. The available recovery is actually compatible with the Snapdragon 617 variant of the device. The Recovery is almost around 31 MB. The TWRP recovery file real name is TWRP-3.2.1-urd-20180612.img

In order to root ZTE Zmax Pro Z981, you need to install TWRP. TWRP is a custom recovery and also helps to install system modules for the device. TWRP is one of the best custom recovery available, there are more custom recoveries but TWRP is the best for every device and also works smoothly without even having any bugs. Installing TWRP is an important step if you want to root ZTE Zmax Pro Z981, as by TWRP you can root ZTE Zmax Pro Z981 safely. In order to root ZTE Zmax Pro Z981 and then install TWRP follow this guide.

Things you Need to Know Before

  • Download and Install the latest drivers for Windows and MAC
  • Also, charge your phone to 60-70% before following this guide
  • Make sure to do a complete backup (Important)
  • Follow each and every step of this guide
  • fully as missing any step could brick your device and it actually you won’t be able to get it back.
  • Unlock your device’s bootloader before rooting the device.


We are not responsible for any damage that is caused to your device by following this guide. You should continue doing it at your own risk. Now proceed to Root ZTE Zmax Pro Z981 and then install TWRP.

zte zmax pro z981 root

Android Rooting Process

The process of rooting may seem very difficult but it is not. In the earlier days, users were afraid and really scared to root their device as there were not many guides available and the process was very hard. However, things have changed now. Nowadays, rooting is very simple and it can be achieved in just a few minutes. First, you have to unlock the bootloader, then after that you can install TWRP recovery. Once TWRP is installed, you can also root the device by flashing supersu or magisk root file.

Now here we come with a full working guide on how you can install TWRP Recovery and Root ZTE Zmax Pro Z981. When rooting you have to be very careful and this process with great caution, if anything wrongs you may get your device bricked.

If you are new to TWRP recovery and rooting then here we first share some important facts about Android rooting.

What is Rooting An Android Device Mean?

Rooting is actually a process of gaining full admin control of the Android device. You can use the device to its full potential,‘Rooting’ which means giving yourself a special privilege or “root permissions” on your phone. It is just the same as running plus grams as administrators in Windows.

After rooting your device you can also install different MODs, kernel, ROMs on your device. You can download and install the latest Android updates (such as the Android 6.0.1 Marshmallow) On old devices by installing third party ROMs like CyanogenMod 13. You can overclock the CPU and GPU of your device if you want to get the best performance. Also, you can hibernate any application that you want. You can underclock the CPU if you want to get better battery life.


  • Make sure that the USB drivers for your Android device are already installed on the PC.
  • Then follow the below Guide Exactly or else it may lead to brick your device. We are not responsible for any damage for your device.
  • Enable USB Debugging. Guide > How to Enable Developer Options, USB Debugging and also OEM Unlock on Android
  • Do a Full backup of your device. If you have TWRP installed on your device, then create an android backup.
  • Also, maintain a 50-60% battery to avoid sudden shut down between the process.


TWRP for ZTE Zmax Pro Z981- Download

ADB and fastboot drivers-Download||XDA-developers


Root ZTE Zmax Pro Z981 and Install TWRP

We have divided this guide into two sections actually, and in first we will tell you how to install TWRP and in the second we will tell you how to root ZTE Zmax Pro Z981.

zte zmax pro z981 root

Install TWRP on ZTE Zmax Pro Z981

  • Download TWRP recovery for your android device from the downloading section above
  • Move the file to the ADB folder and then rename it recovery.img
  • Press and hold the SHIFT and then right-click in an empty space inside the folder and choose open command window here.
  • Boot your ZTE Zmax Pro Z981 into Fastboot mode just hold the volume up and power button for a while
  • Now you have to connect it to the PC using the original USB cable.
  • In order to confirm that your device is connected properly then run the following command
    fastboot devices
  • Then the command should now return a set of numbers along with the ‘fastboot’ message.
  • Finally, download and install TWRP recovery on ZTE Zmax Pro Z981 using the following fastboot command:
    fastboot flash recovery recovery-image.img
  • Now you have to wait for a while and TWRP will be installed on ZTE Zmax Pro Z981.

Root ZTE Zmax Pro Z981

  • Download SuperSU from the link that is given above and then save it on your device.
  • Now Boot into TWRP just hold your volume up and power button together for few seconds when the device is switched off.
  • When you entered TWRP you need to select install
  • Search for the SuperSU file and then install it by swiping
  • You are now good to go!!

This will give you root access now your ZTE Zmax Pro Z981 is rooted successfully enjoy!!


Alright, That was all Folks! I hope you guys like this article and find it helpful to you. Give us your feedback on it. Also if you guys have further queries related to this article. Then let us know in the comments section below. We will get back to you shortly.

Have a Great Day!

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