Getting your life back on track after a motorcycle accident

Your senses sharpen, and the combination of terror with exhilaration experienced when riding on two wheels with no shield over your head changes you forever. However, as addictive and empowering as it can be to ride a motorcycle, this type of rider is 28 times more prone to fatalities in road accidents. 

If you’ve experienced the pain and trauma of being involved in an accident with your motorcycle, you know recovering from it is no easy task. There are many implications, from health to financial harm, and in some instances, it can impede you from returning to work. Unlike car drivers, you don’t have a protective metal shield over your head. This is what gives you the ultimate feeling of freedom you’re craving, but also a risk you assume when pedaling your way through the world. 

No one can tell how long it takes to recover from an accident fully. Medics can make estimates by looking at past evidence, but there needs to be more certainty prevailing in this information. The type and severity of the injuries and harm are the significant factors impacting the period required to get back in shape, and it’s usually a long process that requires patience. However, this doesn’t mean you should rely solely on time to “heal your wounds”. 

This article intends to help you speed up your physical and financial recovery after a damaging motorcycle accident.motorcycle

Seeking legal support 

Lack of experience, reckless driving, distractions, and wrong behavior can all increase the risk of accidents when you’re driving a vehicle. However, when it’s a motorcycle we are talking about, the risk is even higher, and the consequences are harsher. While everyone’s responsible for driving in a manner that minimizes the risk of harm to other road participants, some accidents are caused by the negligence of others or defection on the roads.

If you suffer injuries due to a road defect, see if you can claim the individual or institution responsible for it. Photographs and videos help prove the depth. If another road user is guilty of your mishap, you may also be eligible to claim against them. 

Indeed, it may seem easier said than done, especially if you’re undergoing the process on your own. But using a claim solicitor’s services increases the chances of gaining proper motorcycle accident compensation. They help create the needed documentation, gather the necessary information, and prove that someone’s breach of duty of care led to financial damage and physical suffering. 

Keeping this in mind, you should know that the amount of compensation you receive depends on several aspects, among which the most important is the type of damage. There are two categories under which your harm falls: general and special. The former category refers to intangible losses like emotional distress, suffering, and pain, for which you may be eligible to receive compensation. On the other hand, special damages are offered for losses and tangible expenses, like lost wages and medical costs, for which it’s essential to keep bills and documents that can act as proof. 

Creating a balanced diet

Sustaining a healthy diet should always be a top priority. However, it’s even more essential after you’ve been in a motorcycle accident that resulted in physical harm, like broken bones or head injuries. This is why combining healthy foods rich in vitamins and proteins is crucial. 

Protein is the crucial nutrient that your organism needs for muscle tissue recovery. After you experience injuries from a motorcycle accident, you may lose mass, but by incorporating proteins in your diet, you help your body counterbalance the side effects. For a non-meat diet, you have tofu, nuts, and beans, which are ideal for protein. 

Fruits and vegetables are perfect allies for accident recovery. Accidents lead to inflammation in organs and muscles, causing swelling and tenderness, but adding veggies and fruits rich in vitamin C helps prevent inflammation. It abounds in collagen, which is the strongest ally for your body’s healthy bone structure. According to research, collagen grows bone density, counteracting the aging process’s effects that lead to a reduction of this mineral in bones. 

Receiving medical attention

After an accident, the adrenaline rush may trick you into thinking you’re fine, making the eventual pain and injuries suffered. Some health problems may not be immediately apparent and take time to be observed. It’s normal to worry that the signs will emerge with time, which is why medical attention is more important than many motorcycle accident victims would think. 

For instance, ongoing soreness, tingling, and numbness can be signs of back, spinal or neck injuries. It would help if you didn’t make bad scenarios in your head without consulting a doctor, but understanding that the issue can be even more severe than it looks at the surface is important. 

Why it’s important to receive timely treatment and medication? If there’s a gap between the date of the mishap and that of your treatment, the insurance company may profit from this and place the fault of your injury on an external factor – an expenditure it won’t cover. 

Fighting anxiety and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD)

Post-traumatic stress disorder, anxiety, and other psychological issues are pretty common after any kind of accident, motorcycle crashes included. Many motorcyclists grow fearful of maneuvering the handlebar and have split feelings about whether they’d want to hop back on their two-wheel vehicle or put an end to this exciting era. 

As a result of these occurrences, you may suffer from the following:

  • Feeling persistently on the edge
  • Lack of interest in motorcycles
  • Flashbacks of the accident
  • Lack of trust on the roads
  • Stress and anxiety
  • Nightmares.

It’s a good idea to reach out to a professional to help you recover from these psychological disorders if they disrupt your work or keep you up at night. Getting in touch with other victims of motorcycle accidents and sharing experiences and healing is also aiding. 

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And if you want to improve your mental health from the comfort of your home, trying new creative ventures might help uplift your spirit. Generally, dancing, reading, painting, jogging, or listening to music are effective ways to express your emotions and make room for recovery.  

By consistently focusing on taking care of these four aspects, you’ll hasten the recovery process and get back into the game sooner. 

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