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How to Activate the New Dark Mode on Twitter Exclusively For iOS

Finally, Twitter included the dark mode interface as the main feature in its latest update. With this option, we can save the battery significantly in the new iPhone with OLED screens.

This mode already had a slightly gray version and after several months of work, Twitter is renewed. 
“It was dark. You asked darker! Check our new dark mode. “

Explains the Twitter design team that went with this new dark mode because it does not emit any light, disables unused pixels and facilitates readability especially in low light conditions. It makes the eyes less tired.

“Welcome to the dark side”

The dark mode now has a double option that is Clear Night and Dark Night that allows the application to adjust to different environments, contexts, and environments to improve the experience in the app.

Activating it is very simple:

  • Enter the user, where your photo appears, in the upper left corner.
  • Choose Settings and Privacy
  • Select Screen and sound
  • Active Dark mode 
  • Since you have dark mode activated, Twitter has put a shortcut so you do not have to do this procedure again.
  • Enter the user and a blue lamp appears in the lower left.
  • Select and dark mode is activated quickly.

How to Activate Dark Mode on Twitter Only in iOS

That way you will not have to worry about activating it.

The Automatic Dark Mode allows you to set this display option to be automatically activated at dusk and deactivated in the morning.

At the moment this new version of visualization is exclusive for iOS users, Android will have to wait a while longer to update it.


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