How to Track a Cell Phone Location

Tracking a cell phone location can be a very important function for many people. You may want to find the new smartphone that was just stolen or want to make sure that your friend who is traveling is safe. You many also want to get a hold of a family member or see your own device’s location on the map. Regardless of the specific reasons, there are definitely clear benefits to tracking the location of a cell phone.

For whichever reason you may be looking for a solution to track a cell phone location, a GPS location tracker like iSharing can be a great solution for you.

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1. Finding a Lost Phone

With how much information our smartphones hold and considering how expensive they are nowadays, losing your phone can be a disastrous event. However, if you have a GPS location tracker app installed on your phone, the app can help you locate the phone right after you lose it.

iSharing makes it easy for you to find your lost device by showing its location or the last detected location, if real-time location is not available. Plus, their customer support helps you  even further – if you lose your phone and contact their team, they help by sending you the coordinates of the last location of your phone. 

2. Tracking the Location of a Friend or Family Member

Whether it’s family members, friends, relatives, or whoever, tracking their location could be a great way to make sure that they are safe. It also can be a fun experience to share each other’s whereabouts between close friends and family.

With iSharing, you will be able to see the location of a friend in realtime and uninterrupted. To do so, all you need to do is download the app, sign up, and add the person you’d like to track. 

3. Keeping Your Child Safe

With the development of technology, our kids are exposed to an entirely different world from what their parents are used to. This is why a location tracker app can help keep the children safe by letting the parents know of their whereabouts.

With built-in features like Panic Alert and Nearby Alerts, iSharing can help caregivers have a peace of mind knowing that these safety features are readily available to their children. In fact, Panic Alert immediately notifies the family members when the child presses the button in an emergency situation, while Nearby Alert notifies the parents when the kid leaves a set radius from them. These features were created with the family and their safety in mind.

4. Checking on Your Teen

Location tracker apps, in fact, can be more useful for families with older children. As they grow older and gain more freedom, it might be helpful for the parents to keep track of their whereabouts, not only to ensure their safety but also for convenience reasons with regards to family logistics.

iSharing’s Place Alert feature lets parents know immediately as their teen arrives or leaves a designated location. We recommend school, home, and work for the places, but soccer practice or robotics classes would also work perfectly. On the other hand, if your teenager is of driving age, your family can use the Driving Report feature to make sure that your teen is driving safe and gaining good driving habits.

5. Viewing My Own Paths

Whether you’re on a trip or just want to check where you’ve been on a regular day, the ability to check your own location history can be a fun experience. For instance, you can check how long it took on your morning commute last week or all the places you visited on your last vacation 2 months ago.

There are many apps that officer location history and path visualizations, but iSharing offers one of the longest date ranges at 90 days. Furthermore, iSharing also shows the routes so that you can easily visualize all the paths you have taken, while also see if you were walking or driving on that specific route.

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Ready to track a cell phone location? Give iSharing a try by downloading it on the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store!

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