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Nemestice Lands In Dota 2 With The All-New Battle Pass

Dota 2 NemesticeWith the recent unfortunate news that the TI10 will probably not be in Sweden. Dota 2 has come up with an all-new summer event called “Nemestice”; which includes a new game mode and a battle pass combined with quests, cosmetics, and the long-awaited Spectre Arcana. The Nemestice Battle pass also includes a Dragon Knight persona that is from the Dota 2 Netflix anime.

Dota 2 Nemestice

The Nemestice is a third type of stone like the Radiant Ore and Direstone. However, it is considered to be warped remnants of the shattered moon; which is still unswayed by either the petulant ancient; and bursting with Zet’s sacrificed power was left drifting behind and now has made its fall to disrupt their battle. Nemestice is a neutral stone that is said to give heroes the power to conquer both Ancients.

The game mode goes on by destroying the opposing team’s towers and claiming the meteor crash zone for your team; however, the catch Is that every time you destroy a tower; it strengthens the enemies’ other towers and also is assisted by Nemestice-crazed creeps. A Nemestice storm forms every three minutes during the match; and as a result of the storm, a giant meteor will crash in the center of the map. You can then collect Nemestice embers from these meteorites but be careful enough not to take damage from the falling meteorites. Embercharge is granted to players with Nemestice embers which boosts a player’s attack damage, spell amplification, and movement speed; if you gain enough amber charges, you can shock nearby enemies with it.

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Dota 2 All-New Battle Pass

The All-new battle pass is here to fill your summer with Dota fun. It is stacked with amazing features and rewards, also including a dragon knight persona and the very much awaited reveal of the Spectre Arcana. The event within the Broader summer event is the ‘Nemestice Cavern Crawl,’ with which you can unlock points for the battle pass with some exclusive shards and sets; all you have to do is earn wins with a list of heroes. You can earn up to 7500 points with quests that give you stars that translate to your pass points.

One of the major attractions of this battle pass is the Spectre Arcana. The item comes with a sharp new look for the Dota hero, including new animations, sounds, assets, and ability visuals. You can accumulate blades as you kill enemies, and if you go in a kill streak in 100 different matches, you can also unlock a bloodier-looking version of the Arcana.

The Davion of Dragon Hold persona for Dragon Knight is another highlight of the Nemestice Battle Pass. It makes your Dragon Knight look like the Netflix anime version, you can unlock Davion’s broken sword at level 200 in the Battle Pass, and after reaching level 215, you can unlock Davion’s Helm and at 222 Davion’s Pauldrons.

It surely feels like it is going to be a summer full of Dota 2 action with all the exciting events that have been introduced, so here is a look at the trailer to get you warmed up for some real action:

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