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thermal Imagining CameraProgress is constantly moving forward, and no matter how hard we try, we can neither slow it down nor speed it up, because demand and desire contribute to the invention of new technologies or the improvement of existing ones. Let’s say, even 100 years ago, could people have imagined that they would be able to communicate with relatives and friends at a distance of tens of thousands of kilometers, not even just talk, but see in real-time and communicate. Over time it became possible, but not in a year or two. When the issue of communication became very acute and was extremely necessary for our peace and improvement of life, scientists began to develop the prototypes of telephones. Yes, at first they were quite large and heavy, but later, science took its toll, developed, and over time they became more and more convenient, appeared in every home, and helped connect people. But did humanity stop at the already achieved ability to call? Of course not. Testing, development, and improvement of mobile phones began so that our loved ones were always in touch with us and we did not worry about their safety. But even this was not the peak of development. Smartphones, additional programs, and functions, large displays, or small, additional devices make our lives easier. And now we can call a conventional France and talk via video link with a colleague or friend. However, development has not stopped, all new models fill the shelves, and new functions and advantages are still appearing. The same thing happened with man’s boundless desire to see and track what exactly hides at night, what exactly hides in the dark. Perhaps there is danger lurking there, and perhaps something enchanting, something that we would never have known if less than a hundred years ago, in the interval between the First World War and the Second World War, technologists had not engaged in the development of devices that would endow mankind with unprecedented abilities. The first to use night vision devices were the military because, in that tense and dangerous time, it was extremely important to have such a significant advantage over the enemy. And if the first devices were quite large and heavy, and 3-4 soldiers were needed to operate them, now everything is much simpler. NVT technology is used as an addition to sights, which has become very popular among snipers and hunters, it allows you to free your hands, observe the enemy or prey, but at the same time keep on sight. Or, for example, a thermal imaging camera is a very cool thing for security reasons, as it allows you to protect yourself, your family, or your property from theft, damage, or health from attackers Currently, most surveillance cameras in public places, be it an office, a store or a parking lot, are equipped with a night vision function and round-the-clock recording of everything that happens within the territorial limits of the camera’s view. This greatly simplifies life and helps the police or security service personnel as well, as it allows you to record a crime, calculate the criminal and track his escape route, which directly affects the rate of apprehension and the level of security in the country. Despite the rather high progress in the development of NVT, scientists, and technologists are working more and more diligently to improve existing devices and introduce them into various areas of life. However, it is very important to be able to distinguish between night vision devices and thermal imagers, although their purpose is the same, it is to help us see in the dark, the principle of operation and the result are radically different. How do these incredibly useful devices work and what mistakes do most users make when choosing?

Brief info about thermal vision technology

If we talk about thermal imaging, then it appeared not so long ago, but it brought the military and security sphere to a completely new level. It became a continuation of the work on the ability to see at night, since its predecessors have certain nuances in their work, the ways to overcome which fell on thermal imagers. In general, each body and object has its certain temperature, because it emits a certain amount of heat, it is this heat that we see in the image in the eyepiece. The work process is configured in such a way that thanks to infrared rays and special sensors that read and accumulate the heat of each object, we can see a certain image. And if the body temperature is high, then the image will range from red to yellow, and if the temperature is residual or not high, from violet to blue. Everything is very simple. Of course, for convenience, thermal imagers were developed in several variations. The first was made for armored vehicles, tanks, and snipers, as this was the primary task. Further, all ground forces received their devices, gradually improving the configuration. This is how thermal imaging cameras were born, which make it possible to track certain objects or objects, even through other objects, say a partition, a box, and so on.

However, not only the military likes to use such devices. Currently, thermal imagers allow us to see the world of wild nature, and observe animals and their lives, while not interfering with already configured processes. Studying the behavior, character, and habits of wild animals helps us understand them better and predict specific changes. However, even a simple observation is mesmerizing, as you can contemplate something completely atypical and primordial.

Also, thermal imagers are very helpful in saving lives. Let’s say as a result of a natural disaster, a building in which there were people collapsed. Debris removal does not stop for lunch, rest, or a night’s sleep, it takes place around the clock, and the locomotive makes it possible to find the victims in the shortest possible time and save them. Or there is a smell of gas in the house and no one can understand what the problem is, because all the valves are closed. A thermal imager will also come to the rescue, with its use we will be able to detect the change in temperature in the room and find the place of the breakdown, which will help save many lives. Therefore, this technology is very necessary for modern life. However, new mistrust or doubts arise whenever we hear negative reviews or warnings from acquaintances or relatives, which stop us from choosing a thermal imager for our purposes. Therefore, we have selected the most common myths to eliminate any doubts.

Top myths about Thermal Cameras

The biggest myth that everyone knows and has heard is that you can’t hide from a thermal imager. He sees through any obstacles, walls, and continents in general. This myth is spread precisely by those who do not know how to hide from the aiming eye of a thermal imager. But there are many different ways to do this, from constant movement to multiple layers of clothing and a spacesuit. Any of these methods will be quite effective in temporarily hiding and remaining invisible among opponents, however, for a good effect, it is worth combining different methods.

The second myth, which can even slightly disappoint someone, is that the thermal imager shows us a real color picture of the image down to the smallest details. We don’t want to upset you, but sensors, thermal modes, and infrared rays limit the spectrum of the device’s operation. Of course, we can additionally install features and enhancements that will improve image quality or zoom capability, but you won’t see a night like a day.

The third myth is to work without additional training. Although the principle of operation is quite simple and it seemed that everything is very easy, it is worth being able to get used to it, adapt, and develop the skills of using a thermal imager. You don’t need to be self-reliant and self-confident, familiarize yourself with the instructions, thermal indicators, and their values, and practice, so the results of your work will be much better.

And, the last myth, the more expensive the device, the better it is. The quality of work does not depend on the price policy of the device. It all depends on the generation, configuration, functions, image quality, and the manufacturer, who can also add markups for the brand. Therefore, before buying a device, decide what you need it for, what functions you would like and choose a form that is convenient for work. Then the result will be great.

Thermal imagers have their nuances, which should be taken into account both at the stage of selection and at the stage of purchasing this device, however, there are many situations in which you cannot do without such a device. Regardless of your profession, state, or city of residence, a thermal imager will come in handy. It will help you feel safe, teach you not to be afraid of the dark and what can be hidden in it, and fill life with new emotions. Therefore, if you are considering buying such a station but are in doubt, this is a sign that you should not doubt. In any case, there will be a way to use it, because it is always useful. In airsoft games, you will have an advantage against your opponents and will be able to perform tasks much faster and more accurately, at home, you will be able to protect your loved ones and things from thieves, and when you go out into nature you will be able to observe wild animals or experience all the advantages of night hunting. The field of application of the thermal imager is diverse.

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