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Top Rated iOS Apps for SEO and Bloggers

SEO and BloggingThe optimization of the blog for search engines would be practically impossible without SEO apps. For example, the SEO analysis app helps webmasters to monitor blog performance on Google and draw out conclusions from that. There are also blogging apps for iPhone, iPad, and iOS that aim to take content creation to the next level and improve your blog design. This article provides an overview of such useful blog apps for iPhone, iPad, and iOS-based devices.

Best SEO apps for iOS

Most tools for search engine optimization are available online, so you can use them directly in a web browser. However, more complex and extensive solutions are provided in the form of desktop applications. This section will specifically talk about SEO apps for iOS-based devices such as Macs.

SEO PowerSuite

This is a complex SEO solution that includes several modules to help you with monitoring your website or blog. SEO PowerSuite is available for iOS, though it could be also downloaded for Windows and Linux operating systems.

The application includes a rank tracker, link assistant, and website auditor as the core components. With the rank tracker, you can explore the keyword rankings, including those of competitors. Owing to the website auditor, you will better understand how Google crawls as the tool does it the same way in order to find out whether elements on the page should be adjusted. The link assistant analyzes your backlink profile and suggests affordable backlink builders as an effective link prospecting mechanism.

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SE Ranking

Similar to SEO PowerSuite, the SE Ranking tool has all the basic components needed for bloggers. Owing to its user-friendly interface, this SEO analysis app for bloggers is for those who start their careers.

Even though SE ranking is not free, it provides a 14-days trial to check out all the available features. Among the principal ones are the website audit, backlink monitoring, keyword research, on-page audit, SEO reporting, and even social media analytics.

Link Whisper

When it comes to link building, little attention is paid to making connections internally within the website. Internal linking is often underestimated, though it conceals enormous potential for telling more about your website to Google and other search engines. To catch up with things, use Link Whisper as a smart solution to start linking pages inside your blog.

In fact, Link Whisper is not a standalone application – it is a built-in plugin for the WordPress platform. Upon downloading and installing Link Whisper, integrate it properly into WordPress to start working right away. Based on your website analysis, the tool will suggest which internal pages you may link to. That way you will not have to search for the articles that would fit in there once you start working on a new page of your blog.

This tool is slightly different from those mentioned above but that does not mean that is less important. In fact, is a great helper when it comes to creating business collaborations and link building. This tool helps to find the contacts based on the business profile that you can reach out to.

Capture One

Bloggers need to pay attention not only to the text in the articles but also to the visual components such as infographics, videos, and photos. Thus, visit page to learn more about the relevance of photo editing for SEO optimization.

To make your photos look great, download Capture One software which is considered one of the best photo editing software on the market. You can first try out the fully functional software during the 30-days trial period. This tool is specifically designed for iOS but it is also available for Windows, so anyone on your team who runs a Windows computer will also be able to use Capture One. 

Top blogging apps for iPhone

Apart from the outstanding SEO tools available for iOS, there are also useful applications for bloggers to be used on iPhone and iPad. Those have become inevitable for creators recently due to remote work and lower dependency on the place. Thus, bloggers could work from anywhere at any time using apps on their tablets and smartphones.

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Seobility SEO Check

This is one of the best SEO apps for bloggers to be used on your iPhone or iPad. The core features of the Seobility SEO Check application include the analysis of the page title, meta description, and the robots.txt file. It also provides the opportunity to check the text for readability and spelling, verify the correctness of the heading usage, and discover whether the page is well-linked from external sources. If you are interested in gaining more backlinks, use local SEO services that would suggest to you the right sources that could link back to your website.


This is a must-have blog app for iPhone that every blogger should have. Ulysses embodies a well-rounded solution for writers so that they can manage all their projects from the first word to the export. You can easily check your texts for spelling, combine them, add images, and export those as an ebook or pdf.


A blog article is incomplete in case it contains no graphics or images in it. The application Snapseed developed by Google is the right app that would help you to respond to this challenge. It contains basic editing tools that would transform your photos into masterpieces in seconds.

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