Web Development Languages to Learn in 2022

Less than a decade ago, the computer programming world was a mystery to thousands and one that only the “privileged” could access. Today, the industry has evolved; many IT jobs require at least the basic knowledge of top programming languages. If you want to change or advance your career and need to learn a programming language, choosing the right one may be difficult. Plus, considering how much time and resources will go into learning, you want to choose wisely.

The “right” web development language is relative because it majorly depends on a few important factors, including your needs. For example, how much difficulty you’re ready to take on and why you want to learn the language is important.

That said, below are the top programming languages with high demands among employers for learning in 2022. Thus, buy Litecoin or get your purse ready to enroll in a high-quality class to learn your web development language of choice.


JavaScript is not only one of the best programming languages to learn; it is also a high-level language. Created in 1995 and initially known as LiveScript, JavaScript is now being used by over 97% of websites as a client-side programming language.

This programming language was initially created to be used in web browser development but is now being used in non-web browser applications as well. JavaScript is in high demand among different organizations today, and the average developer earns over $110,000 a year.


Python is another important and popular programming language to learn today; it is readable, which makes it suitable for beginners. Python is a free, open-source web development language that features extensive community development and support modules.

It is used for machine learning and developing 2D imaging, 3D animation packages as well as creating video games. If you’re a beginner, learning Python enables you to become productive quickly, requiring only problem-solving and abstract thinking skills.


Initially referred to as the older brother to JavaScript, Java is one of the most popular programming languages used today. Java is a general-purpose language featuring an object-oriented structure which makes it a standard for applications.

The programming language is best for intermediate developers and requires problem-solving skills and a basic knowledge of the object-oriented structure. This web development language is regarded as a good start for acquiring coding skills and learning to think like a programmer.


Created in 1990, PHP is a popular open-source programming language that many web developers consider essential to learn. Programmers use this web language to build over 80% of websites, including Facebook and Yahoo. PHP is mainly used in writing server-side scripts but is also applicable in writing command-line scripts and developing desktop applications.

PHP is a great language to learn for beginners and intermediate programmers because it is easy. While learning it is easier if you have a basic knowledge of the best programming languages, it is still quite easy for newcomers to learn.


C# is a popular programming language developed by Microsoft; it rose to fame in the 2000s for supporting object-oriented programming concepts. It is popularly used in the .NET framework and considered by its creator to be more like C++ than Java.

It is a good programming language to learn for intermediate learners as it requires a basic understanding of coding. C# is open-source, has an extensive library, and is particularly important for Microsoft developers.


Kotlin is an all-purpose web development language that is interoperable with Java, although it was built to be better than Java. Released in 2016, the programming language is used extensively for server-side app development, web application, android apps, and desktop application.

It is best suited for intermediate learners because it requires background knowledge and prior experience with Java. It features less heavy coding than Java and other web languages, is fully compatible with Java, and relatively easy to adopt.


Google released Go in 2007 for web application and APIs; its simplicity makes it one of the fastest-growing programming languages today. Go was created for large projects, thus giving it popularity among large IT companies like Uber, Dropbox, and Google, among others.

Go is ideal for beginners; it mostly requires willingness and patience to learn, but knowledge of a language thus makes learning easier. Go developers earn between $141,654 to $261,000 per year, depending on their experience level and projects.


R is a statistical, open-source programming language with a moderate learning cure, although there are easier languages. The good thing about R is that it has an active online developers’ community, which is essential for learning coding.

It isn’t as popular as other programming languages, which is no thanks to Python’s (its rival) soaring popularity. R is used to build apps used for processing statistics such as calculation, analysis, visualization, and linear and nonlinear modeling.

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There are hundreds of programming web development languages, but not everyone may be suitable for your experience level. For instance, Python is best-suited for a complete beginner while Java is better-suited for the experienced. These listed programming languages characterize some of the best programmer training options if you want to start a programming career. Knowledge of the best programming languages can help you land highly lucrative web developer jobs.

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