Why WordPress is Better than Wix

Both Wix and WordPress are reasonable options when it comes to choosing a website builder. WordPress is free, but you have to pay for web hosting. Wix charges a fixed monthly fee that includes hosting and the website.

WordPress is far more customizable than Wix, but it’s also not as user-friendly. powers most websites, and you can use tens of thousands of plugins to expand its capacities.

Themes and templates

WordPress offers a broader range of themes and templates to choose from. Many of them are maintained and designed by professionals.

Custom coding

Wix enables custom HTML and CSS using a Custom Element. Only elements designed by Wix are supported, though. Your site’s design, features, and functions are limited to what Wix provides in the way of its app market, design elements, and templates.

WordPress makes it possible to use custom CSS, HTML, and JavaScript without any limits whatsoever. These languages can be used to customize the functions and design of the site beyond what plugins and themes make available. You need to be familiar with coding.


WordPress’s blogging features are more flexible and advanced than those Wix offers. The most exact answer to the question “What is WordPress” is: a CMS widely used for blogging and specifically designed for it. Its options and features make creating and managing a blog almost effortless. It has social media integrations, the option to schedule posts to be published, a solid editor, and customizable tags and categories.

WordPress boasts a vast community of developers, which means you can enhance your blog’s functionality via many different themes and plugins. Wix is not unsuitable for blogging, but WordPress is more flexible and powerful, especially if you want customization and advanced features.

Learning tools

Both WordPress and Wix offer their users learning tools and resources. Wix has videos and tutorials to guide the process of creating a website. You can find answers to your questions and get help in their support center with FAQs.

WordPress has the WordPress Codex, which covers everything from development to installation and customization. It also has a huge community of users that can help out with any issues or questions you may have. There are additional tutorials and support services available depending on who you choose for your web hosting.

Digital marketing and SEO

Wix is a decent option as far as basic SEO and marketing are concerned. Users can customize their meta titles and meta descriptions, integrate with Google Analytics, and add alt tags to images.

WordPress is more flexible and customizable, enabling easier optimization for search engines. It has inbuilt features and plugins that can improve your engagement with your audience. Its large developer community provides access to custom solutions to assist with marketing and SEO.

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WordPress and Wix both have a variety of features for e-commerce, but one might be more suitable for your needs as the two platforms have some differences. Generally, WordPress is considered to be more flexible and powerful for this purpose, particularly if you’re looking for customization and advanced features. Among the many plugins and features this content management system can boast are Easy Digital Downloads and WooCommerce, the most popular e-commerce plugin. These and other tools make creating and managing an online store easy.

WordPress also has plugins and themes to customize your store’s design and functionality and offers integration with the leading payment gateways.

Wix features an inbuilt e-commerce platform, which lets users track inventory, process payments, process orders, and add and manage products with ease. Its other useful features include customizable tax options and shipping, Stripe and PayPal integration, discount codes, and more.

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