1 out of 3 smart watches sold last quarter were Apple Watch

When we stop to think about how much the arrival of different Apple products has influenced their respective markets, we can get an idea of ​​how influential they can be. Although they are not as innovative as they used to be, the truth is that they still have that effect between us and in the industry itself. And one of the great examples of this is the market for smartwatches with the Apple Watch.

What once looked like something that would not get anywhere, that would simply remain as a completely unnecessary accessory of the phone, is now the main responsible for keeping its segment up. The Apple Watch, which had really disastrous beginnings, has shown over the years that it just needed some time to become the watch we all want. And now, the data published by Counterpoint Research confirm it.

Apple Watch

According to the study, Apple would have achieved approximately 35.8% of sales of smartwatches last quarter. In other words, 1 of every 3 devices sold was Apple Watch, well ahead of the second position, occupied by Samsung with 11.1%. It is important to remember that these data correspond only to sales of smartwatches, and not wearables as a whole, where we would have to take into account other devices such as activity wristbands.

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These data consolidate Apple’s position in the market, which continues to stay ahead and increases the value of its divisions dedicated to this type of device. In this way, the company slightly compensates for the disappointing results they are getting from the iPhone. And above all, they are the result of a good job when designing a device, and not forgetting it despite its complicated beginnings.

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