13 reasons why iOS 13 will be much faster than iOS 12

The landing of the latest version of Apple’s mobile software, iOS 13, has involved the incorporation of a gigantic amount of new features, features and interesting features to the operating system platform for iPhone and iPod touch.

Apple has renewed many of its native applications in iOS 13, has redesigned some menus, has unified Search My iPhone and Search Friends, have implemented a download manager for Safari and have even modified the volume indicator of the user interface.

iOS 13

But this is not all, there is much more: new Animojis, elements of personalization for Memojis, stickers of Memojis, redesign of the edition of images, news in Photos and a host of new functions.

Recall that the development of iOS 12 focused more on the performance of the iPhone and iPad, instead of offering dozens and dozens of new features. That is why now, with iOS 13, the company of the bitten apple has been allowed to add many functions and, in addition, improve performance and stability.

But … how have they done it?

All the speed improvements implemented in iOS 13

As noted by Craig Federighi, vice president of software at Apple, there is nothing more important for the company than to offer a good performance to its iPhone users. And these are some of the improvements implemented in the operating system.

1. Face ID is 30% faster

Faster face unlock

As of now, with iOS 13, unlocking your iPhone through facial recognition is much faster than ever. Specifically, 30% faster than iOS 12. Yes, it is true that this small pause while waiting for the iPhone is unlocked is almost imperceptible. But it is a small improvement that is appreciated and that will allow us to access our device in a faster way. Nor was there much more room for improvement, and that facial recognition is already active in less than a second.

On the other hand, to expect more drastic changes in Face ID we will probably have to wait for the implementation of hardware with a second generation TrueDepth sensor. A sensor that, given the success of facial recognition in the mobile phone industry, we are confident that it will come with the iPhone line of 2019.

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2. Downloading applications is faster

The arrival of iOS 13 has involved new changes in the way applications are packaged in the App Store. The download packages, according to Apple, are 50% smaller. And this results in the download of applications much faster.

And not only that but also the download of updates comes in a 60% smaller package. What does this mean? Less weight, more download speed and … less storage space occupied.

3. Applications open twice as fast

Faster app launch

But if you thought that everything ended here you are very wrong … The fact that the application download packages are smaller will also imply an impressive improvement in the opening of applications. It has a side effect that will make your apps open twice as fast.

And is that when you open an application on your iPhone, the system begins to read data from your storage, decompress the bits and store the active components in RAM. As the application now occupies half of its usual size, everything will happen twice as fast. Simple mathematics.

Other improvements

The optimization of the new version of the mobile operating system of the company of the bitten apple brings with it an immense amount of small improvements ( via MacWorld ) that will help the performance of iOS 13 to be infinitely better than in iOS 12.

4. Most efficient shared cache.

5. Compilation improvements.

6. Reduction of memory usage on Super Retina displays.

7. Swift code optimization.

8. High-efficiency memory housing.

9. Optimizations in iCloud.

10. Improved efficiency of processes in the background.

11. APFS cache removal.

12. Improved kernel link scheduler.

13. Change of dynamic networks.

But all that glitters is not gold …

Now, this is just the theory. Now we need to see how it behaves in practice once the beta phase ends and iOS 13 is released publicly. Hopefully these optimization improvements affect all iPhone models equally.

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