4 reasons why your iPhone’s battery plummets

If there is something that all users want is an increase in the battery life of our iPhone. The new iPhone models are expected to substantially improve the battery, but you can also follow the tips shown below and thus improve the autonomy of your devices.

There are no secrets or miracles, however, if you follow some small guidelines it is very likely that the autonomy of your iPhone will improve substantially.

You let the battery reach a single-digit

It is no longer recommended that the battery be completely discharged on your iPhone to keep it better, moreover, it is something you should avoid. Avoid as much as possible that the battery of your iPhone drops below 10% and try to charge it when you do not use it as when you are working or driving. These small loading doses are beneficial.

You use unofficial chargers

It may sound topical but with what it costs an iPhone currently, I do not think it is worth using an unofficial charger to save just a few euros. In addition, an unofficial charger could damage your iPhone’s battery if you use it often as they could provide excessive power and do not protect against possible overloads. Always use official or certified Apple chargers.

You don’t keep the battery in an intermediate-range

Studies say that batteries in devices like The lithium ions one suffer less when their charge stays between 65 and 75 percent. It is not a simple range to obtain, however it is highly recommended to keep the iPhone between 25 and 80% charge. in your battery will thank you and it will wear out more slowly.

You put your iPhone in extreme temperatures

Now summer comes and it is very common to lower the iPhone to the beach or the pool, however, it is not a good idea. The heat is not good for batteries to suffer a lot if ls are the only devices, there are many ways to protect your iPhone so try not to stay in the sun too long.

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If you follow these tips the battery of your iPhone will degrade more slowly and you will ensure that its duration does not plummet within a few months of buying it. They are very simple tips that will help you with the battery life of both the iPhone and other devices.

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