6 new features of macOS Catalina that will make your life easier

During the WWDC 2019, Apple showed the main novelties that includes macOS Catalina, among which Sidecar stands out, the function that allows using an iPad as a second screen, or Screen Time, a tool that will show us how much we use the computer. But some of the new tools in this version of the operating system went totally unnoticed.

macOS Catalina

Remove spam from your inbox

The new version of the desktop operating system will now allow the user to easily remove all junk mail that they do not want to have in their inbox. MacOS Mail includes a tool that blocks all emails from a certain sender and also sends them directly to the trash to avoid having to do it manually; If a person is subscribed to one or several email lists, you can simply unsubscribe from the same application.

Automate the dark mode

As in iOS 13, now macOS Catalina has the option to set the dark mode to activate and deactivate at certain times. To access this function you must go to System Preferences and then in General click on the Automatic option that is in the Appearance category.

Sign documents through your iPhone

With macOS Catalina, the user can sign a document using their iPhone or iPad as a base. This new feature can be found within the Preview application by choosing the option to add signature; When a list of all the available devices is displayed, you only have to click on the one you are going to use.

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Protect your children easily

The Screen Time function came to macOS and with it a new way to protect the little ones. Among other things, this tool will allow the user to know who has communicated with the children and with whom they have done it; In this way, the responsible adult can have greater control over the child’s digital life.

Use your Apple Watch as an authentication method

In addition to being able to unlock the Mac with the Apple Watch, now you can also authorize the installation of applications by simply pressing the side button of the clock twice. This speeds up the process of downloading and installing software since it will not be necessary to write the password each time a new application has to be obtained.

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Lock your Mac so that nobody can access your data

Finally, one of the new functions added by macOS Catalina is to block your computer in case it is stolen or lost . The tool in question is called Activation Lock and allows the user to remotely disable the equipment so that it can not be used until further notice.

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