A drone flies over the Apple Park and discovers a mysterious hidden scenario

During the construction of the Apple Park, the drone flights showing images of the construction processes were very common and we could see step by step how the new Apple house was built. One of the people who made the most videos was Duncan Sinfield, but he had not returned to the new headquarters of the block for 6 months.

And we say because it has just published a new video in which you can appreciate the Apple Park in all its glory and we can see how the interior of the ring is completely finished. But he has also discovered a scenario that Apple is setting up inside, probably for some celebration of the company that is still unknown.

apple park

A stage is hidden inside the Apple Park

The next event that Apple has scheduled is its developer conference, but WWDC 19 will not be held in the Apple Park of Cupertino but in San Jose, a few kilometers from here. However, as MacRumors has learned, the visitors center of Apple Park will be closed on May 17, so it is possible that an event is held that day.

We can understand from the images that it is a concert, but it will be a private event for the employees of the company, so I do not think we have official information.

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Apart from that the video shows us that all the gardens that surround the main building in the form of a ring are finished. Apart we have spectacular views of the Apple Park and its surroundings where you can also see the Steve Jobs Theater.

You can also see all the vegetation surrounding the campus with hundreds of trees both outside and inside the central building, where we also see a large pond. You can not miss the video that we leave you below:

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