A mobile with the ugliest notch you’ve ever seen

The notch has been a trend that has spread across all smartphones in the market. The last thing that manufacturers are trying to locate the front cameras is a hole in the screen like the new Samsung Galaxy S10.

However, the notch still refuses to disappear and the new idea of ZTE will not leave you indifferent. Instead of using a notch that “eat” the screen they have put the notch out. But not on the top side if not on the side, the most unsightly thing we’ve ever seen.


The ugliest notch ever seen

The idea of ZTE has been to introduce a notch on the upper right side of the device that comes out. In this notch that leaves the body of the terminal, we have two cameras with 3D technology that works as facial recognition. In this way, we have a full screen without borders, but with a kind of ear on the side.

It really does not seem to make much sense to place the notch on one side, to make this better to have a slightly wider upper edge for the cameras. Another very valid option is the retractable technology with moving parts that hide cameras behind the screen when you do not use them. Any solution will seem perfect if we compare it with this ZTE.


We will see how this concept evolves and if it creates a trend in the future of Android devices. Of it is only a concept and seeing the criticism that is reaping it is probable that this ZTE Axon V arrives with a different design. In the rest of the features, we have a device with a 6.8-inch screen and OLED technology.

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On the other hand, Apple seems to continue to maintain the notch on the iPhone XI although this will be somewhat smaller and will feature Face ID 2. Hopefully, they never think of doing something similar.

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