All the times that Apple came to the market late … but better

We live in a world in a constant change where innovation is only available to a few. However, the word innovation often does not understand well. Is innovation to launch a new product even if it has an exorbitant price and present failures? Or is it innovative to arrive with a finished product, at the right time and to become a reference?

If the first question is affirmative, Apple can not boast of being a very innovative company lately. If something has characterized the company of the apple is to launch their devices or their technologies later than the rest. However, if our affirmative answer is to the second question, Apple is the most innovative company in recent years.


Today we are going to analyze those products or devices from Apple that was not the first to arrive but once in the market they became leaders and leaders in the sector.

5 Apple products that arrived late and revolutionized the market

The history of Apple is long and there are many products or devices that could enter this list, but we have decided to summarize it to the last 10 years.



The iPad was introduced at the beginning of 2010 and since then a new category of device has reached the market. The tablets had been existing for years, however, they were a product that had not left professional environments and with a very bad experience of use, that’s where Apple set its sights.

Thanks to iOS, the system that used the iPhone that had been presented only 3 years ago, the iPad became the benchmark tablet in the market, something that is still very present today.

Touch ID

Touch ID

Probably the next most important change that Apple made was the inclusion of a fingerprint sensor on the iPhone. Again it was not the first, but Touch ID was not a traditional fingerprint sensor.

Apple got a unique unlocking mode that was extended to the competition, yes, to equal it had to spend years. I still remember those who said that the Touch ID was nonsense, the time has shown that not only was it, but it really was an innovation that remains very present.

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Apple Pay

Apple Pay

Another good example of how it is better to arrive late but get it right than fast and bad is Apple Pay. Mobile payments already existed before, but Apple made everything very easy for the user and, above all, very safe.

Since then Apple Pay has not stopped growing and has become one more reason to buy an iPhone or stay in the Apple ecosystem.

Apple Watch

Apple Watch

The last great device that has reached the Apple ecosystem and in just a few years has managed to position itself as a leader and reference in the smartwatch market. It was the first? No, but it was the best.

Apple has ended up imposing itself to the rest of companies and practically has no competition in this market. In addition, the Apple Watch has evolved and become a device capable of saving lives , something much more important than the pixels of the screen or RAM.

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Face ID

Face ID

In a similar way to what happened with Touch ID, Face ID came to prevail over the other face recognition systems of the competition, which on the other hand were deficient, even remain so.

Face ID is the natural evolution of Touch ID and, just as happened with Touch ID, it is the unlocking system of the future. The rest of the companies have not yet been able to catch up, but over time they will surely release their own facial recognition technologies.

Really when Apple has arrived first, the original Macintosh, the iPhone or the AirPods has done it with a totally different concept that nobody had thought of. However, it is also an innovation to improve products or devices that turn something that nobody wanted into something used and imitated by everyone.

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