Amazon employees steal more than 100K dollars in Apple products

Despite its price, thousands of Apple products are sold daily. As Tim Cook said, Apple stores are not the preferred place to buy them, but “stores” work more as a place to go deeper into them, to know all their secrets and as a showcase.

Outside the United States there are not so many Apple Store, so that may be the reason why they do not generate so many profits. On the other hand, through its online store and Amazon, many more devices of the company are sold.

Apple Products

Many iPhones, iPads, Apple Watch, and Mac computers are stored in Amazon warehouses. Being a high-value item requires a good security system. But when the thieves are the employees themselves there is no anti-theft system worth.

The Apple Watch was the main objective

The police department of Middletown , Delaware, stopped on May 2 a group of employees of Amazon who worked in one of the warehouses of the company. Apparently, sources of logistics loss prevention received information about internal thieves.

The investigation led to the arrest of four employees: Tyaisha Butler, Taneesha Pinkett, Isaac Francis, and Shadaria Bell who, for months, was stealing the Apple Watch until they took a loot that exceeded $ 100,000.

The four were accused of robbery and conspiracy in the second degree. Pinkett, Butler, and Francis were prosecuted and released for recognizing him, although Bell is still under arrest.

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Surely, from now on, Amazon will improve the surveillance systems and is more careful when hiring new staff (and controlling the current one).

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