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Android Photo Editor With Layer Support

Are you looking for an android photo editor with layer support? If yes, dive down below. Android provides lots of image editing applications. However, some of them can’t support layers such as Photoshop which makes it complex to use when you like to manipulate the picture to meet your requirements. So if you want to deal with that, come let’s take some of the best Photoshop alternatives applications for Android that compatible layers.

Android Photo Editor With Layer Support:

These are the best Android Photo Editor with Layer Support:

Adobe Photoshop Mix

Adobe Photoshop Mix

We all know that Adobe has a mobile app known as Photoshop Express that can do light photo editing, it can’t support layers. If you want to deal with that, Adobe launched another app known as Photoshop Mix that can support layers similar to the desktop version. The app is mainly aimed at photographers who wish to do some instant edits or enhancements before sharing it with others. As such, you can also adjust contrast, colors, add or erase filters, increase whole or a selected area, blend, control opacity, create masks, etc. However, the app can supports layers, you can also cut and merge various pictures into one using different layers.

The thing that makes Photoshop Mix special is its easy UI and layers. Also, every option can access, and adding layers is very easy as clicking a single Add icon. Also, being said, though you can also add layers in Photoshop Mix, you are limited to 5 layers at the required time. Moreover, you want to sign in using your Adobe ID to use the application.

If you don’t mind these two restrictions, then you must try Adobe Photoshop Mix and view if it fits your requirements. After all, it is totally free.

Cost: The app is free of cost but needs you to sign in using your Adobe ID to use the app. If you don’t have an Adobe ID, you can then sign up for free.

Android Photo Editor – PicsArt Photo Studio

PicsArt Photo Studio is another very popular photo editing software for Android that is rich in features and has a big YouTube community. Of course, the application can also compatible with layers but being a mobile app it approaches the feature that is quite different from Photoshop Mix. After you edit a photo, you can then add extra images, pictures, or text, and they are automatically treated as individual layers until you save the picture.

If you want to properly use the layers functionality and get most of it, you want to choose the “Draw” option. From there you can also create individual layers as required, enable or disable them, create masks, blend, etc. The best thing is, the app auto-saves your work, there is no restriction on how many layers you can create. But you can transform layers or individually blend as required. Many other features of the application include but not limited to the ability to create clipart, stickers, built-in frames, backgrounds, filters, callouts, ability to make AI-powered Prisma-style effects, and much more.

If you are searching for a photo editor app that compatible with transparency and layers, then you must try PicsArt.

Price: The app is totally free and contains ads. However, the app also provides in-app purchases for things such as clipart, premium stickers, etc.

Android Photo Editor – Pixlr


We use Pixlr over a free tool like Microsoft Paint 3D, or over free downloadable programs like GIMP. But why?  The main reason is that Pixlr sits in an uncanny middle ground. Also,  it has more tools and more customizability than Windows Paint 3D. Also, it doesn’t have the sophistication, complexity, and difficult tools of GIMP. Alternatively, Pixlr is also an intermediate beginner’s photo editor, but also intermediates can create promising stunning results if they have the talent and knowledge.

Pixlr supports several devices. You can also install or download Pixlr Express on iPad, iPhone, and Android devices

Pixlr is quite similar to the earlier app PicsArt. That’s is, both apps have lots of features hidden in a simple interface and can compatible with layer editing. Though, besides PicsArt, we didn’t look for the support for transparency in Pixlr.

Pixler Tools:

Edit Images Using Pixlr Using Tools – Here’s how to:


The word Crop stands for ‘Cut or re-frames parts’ of your image. However, you can snip parts of your pictures out, or set it larger (bigger) and add a frame.


This tool allows you to move things around the canvas. For example, while writing a piece of text, you may move it around with this tool.


Some pictures are built in layers, and you can pick layers using this tool while leaving other layers un-selected. It is quite handy for copying parts of an image to paste elsewhere.


You may also want to choose parts that can’t be easily pick using a box. LASSO enables you to free-draw what you like to choose.


WAND is quite similar to a marquee tool, but you just hit on the elements you like to choose.


You may draw on the photos freehand using this tool. You may also select between various different pencil types.


Just like the pencil tool, but you may select from a range of various brush types that offer different brush widths, opacity, and so on so forth.


You may erase elements from layers using this tool. Besides the MS Paint eraser, you’re able to modify this erase tool to perhaps only delete a thin layer of an element and leaving a specifically opaque image behind.

Note: There are many other tools but some of them are mentioned here!

Multi-Layer – Photo Editor

If you are searching for a complete photo editing app that has the best support for layers then Multi-Layer Photo Editor is here for you. Also, you can tell by the name, you can also edit your images, photos, and many other images in different layers. The apps UI is feature-rich while still being very simple or easy to use for beginners. Similar to Photoshop Mix, you can also add layers with just a single click. Once added, you can just move individual layers to background or foreground by dragging and dropping them, manipulate individual layers with a selection of tools such as shadows, frames, transparency, gradients, horizontal or vertical flipping, blend modes, magic wand, background eraser, masks, etc.

Besides the above two apps PicsArt or Photoshop Mix, you can either initiate with a blank canvas or with an existing picture or photo to initiate editing. The best Multi-Layer Photo Editor feature is that it can save or import pictures directly from or to your local network over the internet.

Cost: The base app is completely free, contains ads, and some amazing features such as blend modes, selection masks, and custom output resolution are behind the paywall. You can also get rid of the ads and unlock premium features using an in-app purchase that cost you around $7.

Byte Mobile – Image Editor

Byte Mobile – Image Editor

Byte Mobile’s Image Editor is the best image editing software that supports photoshop like layers. The application is very simple, lightweight, and easy to use. In fact, the app is identical to Multi-Layer Photo Editor but it is not feature-rich. That being said, anything you want to add such as stickers, photo frames, shapes, drawings, images, etc., is added automatically to the new layer.

Similar to other apps, you can also manipulate each and every individual layer using blending options, custom colors, opacity, drawing, material, lighting, etc. If you want to, you can select the “Draw” option and initiate a drawing. Of course, you can use layers or create as and when required in the Drawing mode.

All in all, if you are searching for a lightweight image editing software that can compatible layer you can then try Byte Mobile.

Cost: The app is totally free and it contains ads. If you wish to, you can erase the ads using an in-app purchase of $0.99.


Of all the applications shared here, PhotoLayers is one of the easiest or simplest in terms of both user interface or features. The app is aimed at those who like to create quick yet detailed photomontages i.e, create composite photography after cutting, overlapping, and gluing various photos into one. Being an easy app with a focused target audience, you don’t get all the tools you view in the above applications. However, PhotoLayers also have all the basic options such as layers, shadows, color correction, resizing, flipping, rotating, cutting, masking, etc.

The best thing about this application app is that it provides you access to a simple yet detailed article right on the home screen which displays what you do using the app. So, if you are into photomontages or superimposing then PhotoLayers is the best option.

Cost: The app is totally free and contains ads.


Canva is quite different from all the applications shared on this list. In that, it is not your older photo editing software and is aimed at creating amazing posters, designs, blog banners, social media banners for Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc. You can also design cards, invitations, and photo collages. Canva has a huge library of stock photos, compatible with custom templates or typography. Of course, it supports layers and you can also manipulate them using basic tools like flipping or resizing.

Canva is not for all of us but if you are searching to create banners, posters, and cards then Canva is for you.

Pricing: Canva is totally free but it offers custom templates, backgrounds, etc., as in-app purchases. You can also use the free ones or make your own if you don’t wish to pay.

That’s all about it.


Here’s all about “Android Photo Editor”. These were some of the best Photoshop-like image editor for Android that compatible with transparency or layers. I love PicsArt, because of the big community and video tutorials available on YouTube. Unfortunately, some layer-based image editor can’t support RAW images. So, for this purpose, you can use SnapSeed or Adobe Photoshop Express.

Comment below sharing your suggestions and thoughts about the aforementioned Photoshop alternatives for Android.

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