All-New Kovol PD 3.1 Charger Boost Macbook Pro 16” to 100% In 70 Minutes

Kovol has unveiled a 140W USB-C power adapter to meet the needs of the MacBook Pro. This laptop charger is equipped with the most recent Power Delivery 3.1 fast-charging protocol. PD 3.1 chipsets provide chargers with an even more impressive 140W charging output for the 16-inch MacBook Pro, which can be fully charged in just 1 hour and 10 minutes (MagSafe cable needed, not included).

The most significant and eye-catching change in Kovol PD 3.1 is the ability to charge at 240W. Fixed voltages of 140W, 180W, and 240W will be available. This means that more high-end devices, such as gaming laptops, will include USB-C charging ports. Previously, if you lost a laptop charger, it was difficult to replace it. This should no longer be the case.

Kovol PD 3.1

Kovol PD 3.1What is the significance of the Kovol PD 3.1 protocol? Many devices require more power than the older version of the USB PD protocol provides (100W). While a 100-watt power supply is way more than any smartphone would need, the 100-watt limit is not enough for the latest gaming laptops, displays, docking stations, mobile workstations, and so on. USB Type-C can also be used to charge and power e-bikes, garden tools, and laser printers, but the 100-watt capability is insufficient for these applications.

However, the USB-C with 240-watt power upgrade now allows you to connect these high-power demanding devices, such as 4K monitors and LED TVs. You may also be able to return to your junk drawer and find a plethora of proprietary cables and chargers.

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As previously stated, the new USB PD 3.1 protocol supports increased power levels of up to 240 watts. Aside from that, it has the following characteristics:

  • The new 48-volt, 36-volt, and 28-volt fixed values enable power levels of 240-watt, 180-watt, and 140-watt, respectively.
  • The new specification allows for variable voltage supply mode in new cables and chargers. As a result, you can enjoy intermediate voltages ranging from 15 to 48 volts.
  • Power will no longer be fixed for products (peripheral or host) to provide power.
  • The new specification also improves power management on various peripherals. It means that each device can take the power it requires.
  • Through optional hub communication with computers, it enables flexible and intelligent power management at the system level.
  • It enables low-power devices, such as headsets, to receive the power they require.

There are a couple of other key features that Kovol is highlighting. The first is Kovol’s flagship-model Sprint 140W with one USB-C port and one USB-A port. With its 140W charging capacity, this charger could charge a laptop at 120W, and a phone at 25W at the same time. Two ports feature Q-Pulse, which monitors the power requirements of connected devices in real-time and intelligently distributes power to the device with the lowest charge. If you had a laptop and a smartphone connected at the same time, and one was at 75% and the other was at 50%, the adapter would use Q-Pulse to push more power to the 50% smartphone while still charging both. When charging two devices, Kovol claims it can significantly reduce charging time.

Kovol PD 3.1

Additionally, Kovol has long advocated for the universal adoption of the USB-C and USB-A standards. As a result, the company ensures that its chargers are compatible with the widest possible range of devices, eliminating the need for consumers to own multiple chargers and significantly reducing the amount of e-waste generated by older or proprietary device chargers.

What exactly is Gallium Nitride? Most chargers used a silicon-based conductor to charge devices in the past. This resulted in inefficiency and heat issues. GaN, which was announced a few years ago, provides a much better solution that uses crystals as the semiconductor. These new GaN options created a higher heat threshold, lower resistance, and faster-charging speeds.

And, thanks to Gallium Nitride technology, Kovol’s chargers have become more powerful while shrinking. This company’s new GaN charger employs next-generation GaN III & SiC technology, allowing the charger to be compact while outputting enough juice to power a laptop and maintaining low surface temperature.

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The $89.99 Kovol Sprint 140W is available straight from Kovol.

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