Apple has decided to end iTunes, will unveil it at WWDC 19

For more than 18 years, a music program has been accompanying us to bring the best music to our Mac and PC. A program originally designed to help us bring our favorite songs to our iPod, but that over time has become much more. A store of video, of apps, a podcast concentrator, a streaming music access portal … Now, a few days away from the WWDC, the time could have come to mark an end. This could be the end of iTunes.

Since last year Apple showed its Marzipan Project to bring iOS applications to macOS we could begin to glimpse a future in which many Mac apps would disappear in favor of their iOS variants. Now, that future could be much closer than ever, especially when we know that this WWDC will bring apps like Apple TV, Music or Podcasts to Mac. And after this movement, it stops making sense to maintain the development of iTunes.


Next Monday, according to information from Bloomberg, Apple could put a date to the end of iTunes support, at least in its version for Mac. In this way, the company would have a free way to jump to the independent apps created with Marzipan, and that comes from iOS. This does not mean that we will not have the possibility of managing our devices through the computer, but we will have to do it through the Music app.

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The big question that remains is to know what will happen to the users of the PC version of iTunes, which has always been a disappointing performance. Not many years ago, Apple included it in the Microsoft Store, facilitating its updates and avoiding the use of Apple Software Update. Now we will have to see if they will continue working on it, or simply leave the users who, like me, continue to use this platform

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