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How to Stop ATT U-Verse Throttling – Use VPN

ATT U-Verse Throttling

A large number of AT&T customers have been victims of U-Verse throttling–even if they didn’t even know it. However, you don’t need to settle for artificially slow Internet speeds if you install a VPN onto all your devices. Along with strong encryption in order to help hide your activity. You can make sure fast, buffer-free browsing, streaming, and downloading on the U-Verse network. In this article, we are going to talk about How to Stop ATT U-Verse Throttling – Use VPN. Let’s begin!

A large number of AT&T customers have been victims of U-Verse throttling–even if they didn’t know it actually. However, you don’t have to settle for artificially slow Internet speeds if you install a VPN onto all your devices. With strong encryption to help hide your activity, you can make sure fast, buffer-free browsing, streaming, and downloading on the U-Verse network.


A Virtual Private Network is the best way in order to stop AT&T U-Verse throttling. VPNs are powerful, easy to use, and available to run on just about each and every device you can think of – from desktops to smartphones, tablets, Amazon Fire Stick, and even more as well. Moreover, they offer a strong layer of privacy through encrypting all your activity on its way to and from a provider-run VPN server.

Not even AT&T can crack a good VPN’s encryption – and if they can’t really see what you’re doing. They can’t throttle you based on it as well. And if AT&T U-Verse is throttling you more generally, also a VPN can still help. These types of ISP throttling “attacks” mostly take place at port numbers. Those are like doors on the internet for your data to travel through. VPNs can route your data through different ports, that allows you in order to bypass throttling that’s taking place at a specific port.

How to Stop ATT U-Verse Throttling – Use VPN


ExpressVPN offers you up to 3,000 servers across 94 countries. Plus, along with unlimited bandwidth. No restrictions on P2P networks or torrents, and also certainly zero speed caps or throttling. They’re actually one of the fastest VPNs available today, especially for streaming video from services. Such as Netflix and Hulu. And with 256-bit AES encryption, a DNS leak test, and an automatic kill switch (desktop versions only). Your data is kept packaged and safe from your ISP – and anyone else for that matter – so you guys can stop throttling in its tracks.

express vpn

However, even though ExpressVPN has powerful encryption, it remains a lightweight software with a single-tap interface that stays out of your way. Permitting you to stream buffer-free, download fast, and browse seamlessly. They also boast a really wide software availability ranging from mobiles. Such as Android, iPhone, iPad, and even iPod, browser extensions, Apple TV and Kindle Fire. As well as video gaming stations and even routers – so being able to protect all your devices is pretty easy.


NordVPN is a powerhouse of security and encryption. Massive at up to 5,500 servers in 58 countries, they’re always growing and have the unique ability to devote many servers to particular use-cases. In so doing, NordVPN provides you the option to pick specialty servers for things. Such as Onion over VPN, Anti-DDoS, Double VPN, P2P, Dedicated IP address, and Obfuscated servers. With these servers devoted those use-cases, the settings are optimized in order to help you guys do those things even better than their “ordinary” servers.

However, their “regulars” are no slouches, either – all of NordVPN’s network offers military-grade, 256-bit AES encryption. The default OpenVPN protocol provides you a great blend of speed and security. However, 4 additional options can help you boost your speed or beat tough geo-blocks. Optional CyberSec security toggles block ads and malware, that keeps you extra safe. Whenever custom DNS settings let you tweak things to your liking.


At last, NordVPN also has one of the most complete logging policies in the industry. That refuse to record your traffic, IP address, timestamps, bandwidth, or browsing history as well.


CyberGhost provides you up to 5,500 servers in 80 countries to choose from. Along with best-of-the-best 256-bit AES encryption, connection guard, kill switch, ad blocker, and online tracking blocker. That they’ll keep you private and safe as well. And their immaculate logging policy secures you even further: they don’t record anything. However, anonymous login events once a day on unusual users. And also they don’t even know your email address, making them double-blind to your online activity.

But in spite of strong encryption and an incredible zero-logging policy. CyberGhost remains excellent for one thing: their ease of use actually. A colorful, minimalist display greets, soon followed via 6 simple profiles, preconfigured along with the best settings for some common use-cases. Their titles give clues to what they’re actually best suited for: Surf Anonymously, Unblock Streaming, Protect my WiFi connection, Torrent Anonymously, Unblock Basic Websites and then select my VPN server.


With each and every profile further customizable with simple toggles. You guys can block additional online threats, compress data, automatically redirect to HTTPS, and – most importantly – boost your speed.

How can I tell ATT U-Verse is throttling my internet?

Along with the death of Net Neutrality, the FCC has willingly turned a blind eye to internet companies such as AT&T creating fast lanes. Because they can now throttle with impunity, how can you find out if your internet is being slowed down?

Thankfully, there are many free tests you can see in order to check your internet speeds.

Internet speed + congestion tests

Most of the tools available to you fall under two basic umbrellas or types as well:

  1. Simple bandwidth speed tests – You guys can find these by simply Googling “speed test.” They actually run a basic test of your current bandwidth speeds.
  2. Congestion/overall internet health tests – Unlike basic speed tests, these take speed measurements from the user’s ISP at multiple ports in order to see how and where performance is being degraded. The most well-known is Battle for the Net’s Internet Health Test as well.

Different tests for different uses | ATT U-Verse Throttling

In order to get a more accurate, precise look at where your activities are being degraded, also different tests can be best for different use-cases:

  • BitTorrent and similar – If you torrent and they seem slow, is it AT&T actually? Torrenting needs a lot of bandwidth. Neubot is a useful tool particular to testing your BitTorrent traffic overtime to figure out any problems.
  • Bandwidth limiting – If you have “unlimited” data, AT&T U-Verse may still throttle your speeds if you guys use “too much” of it. This mostly happens when you hit a certain threshold. Try to use SpeedTest and run a test at the beginning of the month in order to establish your starting bandwidth speed. Then, run a test throughout the month, especially near the end in order to monitor any changes. If you guys consistently see much slower bandwidth speeds, then it’s likely AT&T is throttling you.
    • For most accurate speed test results, just make sure you’re the only person on your network whenever you run it. If another individual is using your internet connection at the same time, it likely won’t be accurate as there is more bandwidth being used. You may also see faster speeds at, let’s say, 2 or 3 a.m. when no one is on, instead of at 9 p.m.
  • Netflix and YouTube – If you’re thinking if your video streaming is being throttled, try to use the speed test or Google’s “Google Video Quality” report actually. The former was developed via Netflix for their platform, and the latter by Google to show you the quality of your connection to YouTube’s servers. In either case, if your speeds are fast. However, you have a poor connection to Netflix or YouTube, AT&T may be throttling your connections as well.
  • Interconnection – As briefly mentioned earlier, whenever you use the internet your data travels via ports on various ISP networks. Your ISP might degrade your connection at any of these interconnection points as well. With the Internet, Health Test can also help you identify if this is the problem as well.

In order to get a comprehensive look at if, when, and where you’re internet can be getting throttled may also need a combination of these different tests. The most important thing is to track consistently.

ATT U-Verse – A history of shortchanging users

As alluded to, even before Net Neutrality was repealed, AT&T U-Verse had some shady history along with manipulating their users’ internet connections as well.

In 2012, Apple updated Facetime video chat in order to support wireless data connections. AT&T refused to let it run properly on their network unless subscribers switched to a higher-priced, tiered data plan as well. In 2014, the FTC filed a lawsuit against AT&T to violate (at the time) Net Neutrality laws and throttling bandwidth. The FTC declared that between 2011 and 2014 actually. AT&T had been slowing down mobile data access to up to 3.5 million customers without even telling them.

And at last, ATT u-verse throttling created a Sponsored Data program, that rewarded customers for using sponsored, 3rd-party services (such as DirecTV, for example).Without the data counting against their plan as well. Many other, non-sponsored companies, didn’t get the same advantages– in clear violation of the old Net Neutrality laws.

And along with those regulations gone now, AT&T U-Verse and many other internet providers (Time Warner, Verizon, etc.) have more freedom. In order to throttle and manipulate speeds and other aspects of their networks when they please.


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