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Best Chrome Themes & How to Install Chrome Themes

Do you like to customize your Chrome browser with the best chrome themes? And if you love the latest look and design, then the good way to customize the Chrome browser is to use Extensions and Themes. We have looked all over the chrome store and found some amazing themes. Here in this guide, you will find the list of Best Google Chrome Themes that provides an immersive look in Google Chrome. So if you like to make your Google Chrome more attractive and pleasant, then let’s check the best Google Chrome Themes.

How to Install Google Chrome Themes

Install Google Chrome Themes

Follow the steps to install Google Chrome Themes:

Step 1:

Initially, open the Google Chrome browser on your PC.

Step 2:

Also, tap on three dots which is at the Top Right corner in the Browser Window.

Step 3:

Then choose Extensions choice that is available under the More Tools section.

Step 4:

Also, in the Extension Page move down to the Bottom where you will find Get More Extension option.

Step 5:

When you tap on ‘Get More Extension’ it will lead you to Google Web Store.

Step 6:

In Google Web Store, choose Themes option that is available in the category section.

Step 7:

Now choose the theme of your choice and tap on Add to Chrome.

Another easy way to get Themes is to open the Web Store from page chrome://apps/ and then choose Themes in the Category. However, you can also search for any Google Chrome Themes that you may like. Also, it will display a lot of themes that will be related to the search keyword.

Best Chrome Themes

Material Blue Grey

Material Blue Grey

Materialistic themes are the best-looking themes. And there are many Materialistic themes available on the web-store that you can install on your Google Chrome. However, the background shade is a mixture of red, blue, and grey colors. Also, a simple white address bar makes it more elegant.

If you’re are searching for something like this theme, then you can then install the theme on your browser using the below link.

Download Material Blue Grey Theme

Polar Chub

Polar Chub

Polar Chub is an attractive theme of a cute baby Bear in snow. However, the color on the Themes are so charming and seems great in the browser. The theme creator is apofiss who is famous for making cute animal themes. So let’s check out apofiss work if you like more themes based on cute animals.

If you want adorable & cute animals, then you must try this theme. After adding this to your browser, you are not going to modify it. The blue shade in the background makes the theme more beautiful and charming.

Download Polar Chub Theme

End of the Road

End of the Road google chrome theme

The End of the Road reflects the beauty of nature, with rocks, hills, mountains, and black clouds with sand and car, parked at the end of the road. However, the theme also packs with an amazing background with a black colored address bar and bookmarks tab. And icons of all the extensions are easily visible.

The mixture of the mountains and a car is amazing in this theme. And if you like it, you can then give it a try.

Download End of the Road Theme

One Piece Monkey D. Luffy

One Piece Monkey D. Luffy google chrome theme

It is another black background theme, but it has Luffy for the background and a skeleton on the left side. However, the address bar & bookmark bar changed with a Skeleton placed in the buttons area, that blurs the buttons. But the extension area is very clean and accessible easily.

The mixture of monkey and the skeleton is perfect and it represents the background of Google Chrome. However, the theme is optimized for 1366 x 768 pixels, 1920 x 1080 pixels, and 1920 x 1200 pixels resolution. Also, download the theme according to your PC resolution and enjoy it.

Download One Piece Monkey D. Luffy Theme

Earth in Space

Earth in Space

The best Chrome Themes is based on Space. Also, the theme includes a screensaver of the planet Earth in space. It seems so great with dark colors, good for dark theme lovers. The background looks amazing while browsing in other tabs. Also, it is more like wallpaper, but it seems good like other Chrome themes in this list.

The theme can’t cover the tabs and bar. Also, it includes the background, but still, it will become one of your most favorite themes. The best combination of Blue, White, and the Black color seems cool & awesome.

Download Earth in Space Theme

Iron Man-Material Design

Iron Man-Material Design

Also, it is one of the best Superhero themes that you should try. But, if you are a superhero fan, or Iron Man fan, then this theme is just for you. Also, the color division is brilliant, along with the shadow of Iron-Man. Also, the design is very cool. Iron Man theme is my most favorite google chrome theme.

This is a minimal and great chrome theme. Also, the theme covers the full window, including a bookmark bar, background, tab.

Download Iron Man-Material Design Theme

Blue/Green Cubes

Blue/Green Cubes

simple and colorful theme consisting of cubes of Blue and Green color. However, it fills the homepage and makes the homepage more attractive. Also, the wallpaper is abstract and fits with everyone’s style.

If you like to keep your browser window quite simple and clean. Then this is one of the best Google Chrome themes to try.

Download Blue/Green Cubes Theme

Lamborghini Cherry

Lamborghini Cherry google chrome theme

Lamborghini Cherry is the best car theme for your google chrome that you can find in the Google Web Store. However, the Lamborghini car with cherry color on it makes you fall in love with it. If you are a car lover then without much ado just go with this theme.

The theme seems so cool and amazing with its flash scene. Most users love sports cars and this will be the best choice.

Download Lamborghini Cherry Theme



Cosmopolis is the best Google Chrome theme based on the city. Also, it is one of the best attractive themes that you will definitely like. After viewing it for the first time, I can’t stop myself from installing it. Also, the bookmarks bar is in Black that helps in highlighting it so that you can easily read text from bookmarks.

It is similar to New York Night theme, but it seems more beautiful. The image was taken from the distance to take most of the buildings which seem more attractive.

Download Cosmopolis Theme

Dark Themes for Google Chrome

Material Incognito Dark Theme

Material Incognito Dark Theme

While using incognito mode and love the dark theme, then you can just try this materialistic theme. Also, the background is the same as the incognito mode, which is very clean and simple. However, the icons seem attractive with rounded blur background, and white text background.

So, If you like dark mode or the black background, you can then use this theme as your daily driver on your chrome browser both on Windows or Mac.

Download Material Incognito Dark Theme

Midnight Train Dark Theme

Midnight Train Dark Theme

The Dark themes are one of the best themes for Google Chrome due to its simplicity and minimal design. If we talking about this particular Midnight Train Dark Theme, then this amazing theme has an image on the background with a train that is passing through a small station. Also, the bookmarks bar seems clean, special thanks to the dark navy blue color.

Download Midnight Train Dark Theme

Minimal Themes for Google Chrome



The Amazing theme is full of colors from nature. You will love to view it every time whenever you open your browser. Bright pink sunset, green plains, and hilly forests fade into the mountains will make you open the best browser again and again. This is one of the best chrome themes in the category of nature.

Download Beauty Theme

Sunset Theme

Sunset Theme

This is the theme with an awesome view of the sunset. Also, the color of the sunset is in purple, which seems great. The reflection of clouds and the sun makes it much better. A simple word for this chrome theme is Perfect. Where everything is perfect including color, nature, including photography.

Also, it brings freshness whenever you view this. But when you open the browser, it feels like its morning and then your good day begins.

Download Sunset Theme

Beautiful landscape

Beautiful landscape

As its name suggests, the name is a Beautiful Landscape theme with Green and Orange shades on the top of Tab. Assume you are in some tab it will seem in Green and other costs will be in orange color.

If you are a deep lover of greenery and nature, then you should try this theme. You can also move to the chromepost website to get the theme that does not contain a search bar in the middle.

Download Beautiful Landscape Theme

Best Free Google Chrome Themes to Download

This is our best collection to some google chrome themes. But if you’re still not sold on these minimal chrome themes, here’s a link you visit to find more. Also, the collection packs other genres like beauty themes, dark, cars, minimal themes, gaming, nature, and much more. But, the collection is packed with best-rated themes.


Here’s all about “Best Chrome Theme”. For further queries and questions let us know in the comment section below!

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