Best Free Karaoke Software For Your PC

Best Free Karaoke Software

Well, most of us love karaoke since it brings our little singers out of our minds and sings melodies to the world. Now there are a lot of Karaoke apps available for both your Android and iPhone devices. But, most folks are looking for Karaoke Software for their PC. In this article, we are going to talk about Best Free Karaoke Software For Your PC. Let’s begin!

The Karaoke software is actually the best way in order to keep singing without even the hassle of separately finding out the lyrics of each of the songs you guys like. Every Karaoke program mentioned in this article is also capable of synchronously projecting the lyrics along with the music.

Karaoke has been in use since 1970 whenever it was nothing, however, a huge machine. Over the years Karaoke popularized via bars and pubs culture. It was followed via a great renovation that actually came over, along with the introduction of modern Karaoke apps.

Best Free Karaoke Software For Your PC

Since a PC can attach an external microphone and also a good sound system, it is obvious to have good Karaoke software. If you guys want to have your own karaoke party at home. So here is some great karaoke software that you guys can run on your PC. Most of this software is free and will not burn a hole in your pocket as well.

KaraFun Player

KaraFun Player is an excellent example of Windows-only karaoke software. Well, Karafun player is for someone who actually prefers having a diverse list of songs, since its library contains up to 25 thousand songs saved in cloud storage. You guys have the option to create your playlists and then see the history of the songs that you’ve already played.

Best Free Karaoke Software

There is also a collection of almost 280,000 songs that are supported via highly interactive storage within KaraFun. The app basically supports a favorite list creation, song history feature, dual display screen, keys that can also be customized comfortably. Kara Fun Player actually supports a wide variety of formats such as CD+G, MPEG, MIDI, KAR, and many more.

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PC DJ Karaoki

Compatible with: Windows only

Easy to use along with a lot of features, PC DJ Karaoki is also the best free Karaoke software for you. If you guys are on the lookout for one of those Karaoke apps. That can also help you party throughout the night, and then you can choose PC DJ Karaoki. It actually works on Windows alone.

Best Free Karaoke Software

A multitude of features come in handy, just right from adding Karaoke songs, to editing the play options. It basically offers you a history of all the songs played, helps along with singer rotations, color display, and color choice configuration, lock screen, and also drag and drop features.

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One karaoke

It is especially for Windows PC, One Karaoke is easy to use. It can also run almost any format of the file with features. Such as support for major file formats, for instance, AVI, WMA, MP3, WMV, and much more.

What’s really interesting is, it can also be used along with wired as well as wireless hardware. Such as mice and keyboards so that it can actually work in both ways. When you download from the Microsoft store, then you can access the songs and lyrics from its collections. MP3 music, the option to share your video along with the karaoke lyrics. That comes along with the app, and much more. All this is possible because of the karaoke social network along with song lyrics.

Best Free Karaoke Software

Well, what we especially like is the high-quality MP3 audio that comes equipped along with supported tracks and lyrics. It also permits you to make videos of your performance. In order to build a follower base or simply watch videos made via others.

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OkeOke | Best Free Karaoke Software

Compatible with: Windows only

Oke Oke is also another free Karaoke software that comes along with excellent media playback facilities. It basically holds file management features, and also permits users to record and share the files as well.


It is developed for Windows versions, is actually an open-source software that is also available for free. Among its primary features is the storage of data in a local drive, song lookup, also keyword search, remote control access for choice of songs, and also major file format support. Plus, you guys can also save the songs on your external hard disk and also even record your own songs. Bonus – you guys can even share them on different social media platforms online.

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Compatible with: Windows only

You can play any of the file formats that are starting from AVI, DAT, VOB, MPG, FLV, WMV, MKV, along with this free Karaoke app straightaway. MP3+CDG, MP3+LRC, MP3+XML file combinations can actually be easily played on the Karaoke app.

One can play all kinds of music files along with this app and it also has a song list. That also has the ability to turn on and off the prompted list to normally play other lists. A different colorful lyric mostly supports male, female, and also duet songs. It works on Windows only and is actually an absolutely free-to-use tool that has a user-friendly interface for your songs as well.

Karaoke 5 | Best Free Karaoke Software

Compatible with: Windows and Mac

Well, this easy-to-use Karaoke tool works on Windows and Mac. You guys can store and use songs saved in different file formats. It is actually an amazing synchronizer and also the lyrics synchronize pretty well. And, it can help transpose a lot of messages through the help of instant messaging and also helps send video files, jingles, applause, and also gives a whole set of equalizers.

Best Free Karaoke Software

It can also create MIDI, MP3, K5, as well as MP4 files. Also, it helps you mix and match songs via Mix Controls, helps you guys with fast database searches, searches. Through musical karaoke bases quite swiftly and a lineup of songs is also done in the wink of an eye actually.

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Compatible with: Windows and Mac

TunePrompter is actually a Karaoke program that can also work on both Windows and Mac. It is an extremely easy-to-use platform and syncing is surely an easy process as well. Well, it basically supports the MP3 format of files. It searches for lyrics on its own too.

TunePromoter was primarily designed in order to support Griffin technologies iKaraoke hardware. But that got discontinued, however, you can still go ahead and create your own video files as well. Moreover, you can export them to iPad, iPhone, Apple TV, and QuickTime thereby burning the results into your disc anytime anywhere as well.

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KJams | Best Free Karaoke Software

Compatible with: Mac only

KJams is also a Karaoke program that can be used in Mac and resembles iTunes in a lot of ways. There are a lot of management tools along with this app that makes changes to your voice. During showtime, attach the playlist and then the file would begin running on its own.


The dual-window mode permits the lyrics in order to open on another window. So that you can easily refer to the lyrics whenever singing the song. KJams also has commercial use and folks mostly use it in pubs and clubs and discotheques as well. It basically supports all major file formats of music starting from CDG, MKV, MP4, FLV, ASF, VOB as well as RMVB. You guys can choose songs based on the intellectual spelling selection mode.

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