7 Best Spotify Podcasts to Listen to in 2024

More than being a music streaming platform, Spotify also provides a large amount of podcast resources covering different categories, allowing you to enjoy more media content during your spare time.

To ensure a smooth and convenient Spotify podcast playback, the official platform also equips the download function to help download podcasts on Spotify completely for free. But if you still have no idea what podcasts to select streaming on Spotify, take the following recommendations! Next, go through the introduction of the 7 best Spotify podcasts of 2024 on Spotify to enjoy if you are aimless to choose one! They are all free to play both online and offline!

Spotify Podcasts

1. Reply All

Hosted by P. J. Vogt and Alex Goldman from 2014 to 2022 (with Emmanuel Dzotsi becoming the third co-host in 2020), Reply All is a well-known American podcast sharing the way people shape the Internet, and how the Internet affects people in contrast. When the Internet becomes an important part of our daily life, the connections between us and it are more tightly than ever before. The stories shared by Reply All are definitely interesting to listen to.

Unexpectedly, Reply All ended its hosting on June 23, 2022, because the hosts lost their jobs following complaints about the show’s culture. But still, their released podcast episodes have brought pro-founding influence on the society, making many audiences still willing to find the episodes back and enjoy them on Spotify to review the stories. If you also feel curious about the changes of modern life because of the wide use of the Internet, find it on Spotify and enjoy streaming!

2. Stuff You Should Know

First released in 2008, Stuff You Should Know was consistently ranked as one of the most popular podcasts on many charts around the world, with millions of downloads and attracting lots of global audiences. This podcast is hosted by Josh Clark and Charles W. “Chuck” Bryant, who will share many different topics with listeners once a week. The topics are mainly selected from popular culture, which is also educating but with certain comedic values at the same time. If you have no idea what Spotify podcasts to enjoy, Stuff You Should Know can be a good choice to try.

Stuff You Should Know Spotify Podcasts

3.Conspiracy Theories

If you love mysteries, don’t miss Conspiracy Theories, a popular podcast series on Spotify, that tells complicated stories behind the world’s most mysterious events, including alien landings, assassinations, Bigfoot sightings, bitcoin takeovers, and so on. The soundtracks applied in these podcast episodes can always increase your sense of nervousness, bringing up your curiosity, and will keep you listening. Conspiracy Theories can be a great podcast series for you to kill time when you don’t know what to stream. While following and explore how the hosts and others are thinking, you can also practice your critical thinking ability and join in such conversations or go deeper to explore the fields you feel interested in.

4. Armchair Expert

Armchair Expert Spotify podcast episodes are mainly feature by two American actors, who are Dax Shepard and Monica Padman. Each week, they will bring the experience of interviewing celebrities, talking about the topic of “the messiness of being human”. The funny interaction and content both enabled the podcast ranked as the best comedy podcast of 2018, attracting lots of listeners to enjoy and have fun. While listening to the episodes, you can also grasp how the celebrities are imagining their lives, which may be similar to yours

As the podcast episodes will always updated on Mondays, Tuesdays, and Fridays, it can be a good stuff for you to relieve stress gained from works!

5. The Joe Rogan Experience

Hosted by comedian Joe Rogan, The Joe Rogan Experience podcast contents mainly delivers long-form conversations between Joe Rogan and his friends or some well-known guests, covering lots of different topics, including the latest international issues, entertaining topics, political problems, and so on. Although Joe Rogan is criticized for his racially insensitive language, you can still grasp many trending issues by listening to his podcasts.

On Spotify, this series also gets lots of audiences to subscribe, download, and play. Over years,The Joe Rogan Experience has gained over 14.9 millions of subscribers and more than 3 billion total views, which becomes quite an influential program around the world.

The Joe Rogan Experience Spotify Podcasts

6. Welcome to Our Show

Welcome to Our Show is hosted by real-life friends, Zooey Deschanel, Hannah Simone, and Lamorne Morris, who will replay their Emmy-nominated series, New Girl, and personally review each slot for listeners, to show the funny stories behind the shows. If you have watched this series before, it would be pretty funny for you to learn some extra stories about how this TV show is shot. Even for those who haven’t enjoyed it before, it is still fun to learn how these actors and actresses behave while shooting a TV show and delivering the best story to audiences.

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7. Crime Show

Crime Show is one of the most popular Spotify podcasts all about true crime. Each one or two episodes will introduce one mysterious crime to you, which is a bit longer than 30 minutes. You will definitely get indulged in each story and can’t wait to learn its ending with the nervous atmosphere brought by the hosts’ nice tone and attractive soundtracks. If you love such stories, you should not miss this Spotify podcast and enjoy the streaming when you have spare time.

In Conclusion

More than these 7 popular podcasts, you are definitely able to grasp more attractive episodes of all genres on Spotify and enjoy the streaming. As the official also offers a free download function, you are able to download your favorite podcasts offline and stream whenever you want, like doing sports or on your way to the office every day. You will definitely find the charm of listening to podcasts once you try it!

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