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Build video games playing with this Google tool for macOS and Windows

Building video games is not exactly the simplest task in the world for amateurs, but several companies have tools for you to put your creations on the screen without too much difficulty – and who knows, start a successful path to the gaming world. Google now is one of them.

With Game Builder, users of macOS and Windows can create basic gameplay experiences, reminiscent of the Minecraft phenomenon, without having to touch a single line of code. In fact, the tool itself is a game in itself – yes, you create your video game by playing a video game.

The Game Builder, which comes from Google’s experimental project team, the Area 120, has been available silently on Steam since last November, but only now, with a major recent update, has it been released by the Mountain View giant. In the game, you can build entire worlds with blocks of various types, simply by clicking and dragging the elements to assemble your creations; it also has hundreds of pre-prepared 3D models, so you do not have to spend hours modeling your characters and constructs.

Once the universes are created, more advanced users of JavaScript techniques can extend the game experience with native APIs – using simple commands following the “if this, then that” logic, it is possible to build dynamics that will make the game more engaging and challenger. His creativity is the limit to create the next success of the world of indie video games.

What’s cool is that Game Builder even has a collaboration mode for you and several friends to work on a project at the same time or for people to test the game in real-time as you progress through it.

The Game Builder can be downloaded for free on Steam for MacOS or Windows. Have fun!

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