Can Apple Watch be used with Android smartphones?

The users of Apple’s products and services have been experiencing an interesting series of changes in the company’s policies. For our luck, and those who could not otherwise enjoy the advantages offered by their services, Apple is opening up more and more to other platforms. However, there are still certain things that do not finish opening everything that we would like. This is the case of the Apple Watch.

The Cupertino watch has been confirmed over the years as the best of its kind. Almost without competition, it offers a completely different experience than what other companies offer. The big problem with Apple Watch is that it is only available to iPhone users, something that could be considered an important missed opportunity. And it does not seem that it will change in the future, despite the fact that the device is becoming more independent.

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Apple Watch & iPhone:

From the Apple Watch Series 3, we have seen how the ties with the iPhone have been cut little by little. With the arrival of mobile networks to the clock, our calls and messages are now always within reach. In addition, the watchOS native apps also help improve access to small doses of information from the different apps on our phone. But, even so, the key to everything is still the iPhone.

Therefore, and unless there is a change like the one that came to Apple’s mobile devices when it was no longer necessary to configure or update iTunes, we can not use them independently. Therefore, we can also use it with our Android phone, since many of the features of the Apple Watch are supported by the iPhone versions to obtain the information. And that leaving aside the notifications, which work in a totally different way.

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Apple creates its products with a vision that includes hardware, platforms, and services. In this sense, making Apple Watch functionalities compatible with Android phones could leave an incomplete version that would not be felt at all as a product of the brand, as it is designed to work with iOS. However, there are certain ways to force minimum compatibility with the Google operating system, although it is only possible with the model with 4G.

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Android & Apple Watch:

To begin, and as it happens since the launch of the device, it would be necessary to link the watch first with an iPhone, since only these devices have access to the Watch app. Without it, we will not be able to execute the initial configuration, and the clock would never work. That is, it is not worth simply to connect our phone via Bluetooth. When the process is complete, we will activate the data rate and link it to the iPhone line.

Thus, when the data rate of the Apple Watch is activated, we can take the SIM card from our phone to any Android terminal. Your watch will stay connected in any place thanks to mobile data and will continue to receive calls and messages that reach your line, as well as certain notifications from native apps. However, the vast majority of notifications will only arrive if your iPhone remains powered on and connected to the Internet.

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In this way, although you can not connect your Apple Watch to an Android phone, you can achieve some compatibility. This can be helpful at very specific times, but it would not hurt that Apple began to really consider giving an alternative to the users of the rival platforms. In the end, they may never get to buy an iPhone, but like the Apple Watch is able to conquer, which should not be very difficult with the competition that exists.

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