CQATest App – Everything You Should Know

CQATest App

CQAtest App is actually the Certified Quality Auditor’s abbreviated form. Furthermore, the software app makes sure that performance is maintained at high quality on Android as well as Motorola. In addition to each and every other iPhone app, that the CQAtest software app must work smoothly and also quietly on the mobile, without even a crash. In this article, we are going to talk about CQATest App – Everything You Should Know. Let’s begin!

Overall, the CQA test framework basically evaluates the system output for your PC as well. That can appear suddenly on your mobile device. It actually examines vulnerabilities, failures, strengths and evaluates strategies for identifying the problems (if any) as well.

Also, a lot of mobile development companies use this software as a platform in order to diagnose Android models, both recent and future as well. The only aim of the CQA test application is in order to make sure a better overall version of the upcoming mobile devices as well.

CQATest App – Everything You Should Know

Motorola also has a particular app for testing its phone named CQAtest. It is actually the app Motorola uses to test its smartphones after the manufacturing process as well.

CQA basically stands for Certified Quality Auditor. Although this app will also be disabled after testing is complete, making it not easy to access. However, because of some reasons such as updates or reset, the app might show up in the app launcher.

CQATest App

What does the CQATest App do?

Considering all of this, it also shows that your telephone maker can actually access the system’s data by using the secret CQA test software on your smartphone as well. But, all personal information is actually excluded from this data. On the other side, you guys get updates of device work status on Android, Motorola. And every other PC you use. Not just that, however, the user receives information and any further critical details on the functionality of all other applications.

Your mobile device’s overall status report determines that each and every product in your phone meets the Android requirements expected as well. You guys can find this information in the “Terms and Service” agreement whenever switching on a brand new smartphone for Android as well.

In short, the CQA test app is also available for the overall device status on the phone as a secret program. It’s actually a lot like hiding via spoofing your real location. But, if the test app runs on CQA in the application gallery, just make sure that the device reboots are implemented.

Is CQATest App a Virus?

No, as mentioned earlier, it’s a testing module or app made to test components of your device to ensure its quality. However, you may doubt it because the app has no icon of its own. The app will basically show an android icon (most virus also shows this type of icon) too. Just don’t panic; it is not a virus as well as malware.

Should You Remove it?

Although there is actually no point in removing the app, you cannot remove it unless your device also has root access since it’s a system app. However, sometimes, you can turn off the app from Settings>Apps>All apps. Even though, on rare occasions, you guys cannot disable the app as the option will be greyed out along with the Uninstall option as well.

There is actually nothing you guys can do to the app such as clearing cache or clearing storage (Clear data). Even a lot of, you cannot even use the Force stop option in order to kill the app.

Is the CQATest App Safe to Install?

Well, there is actually no potential downside to having this system app enabled on your phone. But, a lot of people are reporting numerous issues that started in order to appear on their phones after this CQATest app started showing up.

Issues such as random freezing, glitching, and lagging appear out of nowhere. Some folks say that certain crucial apps such as messages and Dialer will also force stop. That is causing the device to become unusable.

How to Uninstall the CQATest App?

If your device is functioning normally without any issue, even after the app is visible, then there is no reason for you to remove it. Although, if it’s really causing any issues, then it’s actually good to remove the app. Keep in note that removing as well as disabling this app won’t be easy as removing any other apps.

However, you can remove this app via performing a factory reset or reflashing the latest stock ROM. Reflashing a ROM will need some expertise on it. Unless you guys have experience in flashing ROMS, it’s a really good idea not to do so.

Factory Reset: This is basically the easiest method of all. You can also perform a factory reset either from the settings app or from the recovery menu as well. We will stick to the recovery menu method since it’s simple that way. Settings’ method is lengthy and not that simple since the recovery method.


Factory resetting will also remove all of your apps and data from your phone as well. Just take a complete backup before performing a factory reset as well.

  • You have to remove the screen lock from your device via going into settings>Security>Screen lock.
  • Just turn off your phone.
  • Now just hold down the Power button and volume down button simultaneously until you guys feel a vibration on your phone.
  • You have to remove your finger from the buttons when you see the manufacturer’s logo.
  • You can use your volume down button in order to move the highlighter to “Wipe Data factory reset.”
  • Tap on the power button to choose it.
  • Now again use the volume down button and then move to “Yes,” and tap on the power button.

Please wait for it in order to complete and hit Reboot. Voila, you’ve successfully reset your Android device as well. Now the app should also be gone, and any issues that it also caused will also be gone.


Should I have to do the factory data reset?

There are a lot of ways to deactivate as well as remove the CQA test app. Firstly, just turn off the software or uninstall the program directly. Just like that, you can clear the phone app cache. At last, if none of the first three methods would work out, then you should try to do the hard reset.

If you guys want to reset your factory data, just make sure to back up your mobile data that also includes your document or any other data, multimedia files, as well.

Can I force stop the CQA test?

Yes, you guys can use the device “Settings” to navigate. Then just tap on ‘Apps,’ and then tap on ‘Clear Cache. You have to run a quick reboot, finally.

How frequently does the CQA test software pop up?

Well, typically the CQA test app runs quietly in the context of your mobile device. However, often, whenever the CQA test application appears on your application gallery, these problems can occur.


Well, That is all from my side. If you want to know more about this article or have any queries. Then feel free to ask me anything in the comments section below.

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