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Unlocking Style: A Comprehensive Guide to Armor Trim in Minecraft 1.20

For a long time, Minecraft players have been modding the game to customize their armor. After years of requests, game developers have answered the call with the introduction of Armor Trim Smithing Templates in Minecraft 1.20. There are over 100 designs and nearly limitless combinations to play around with. But how do we get our hands on them? This blog post uncovers the locations of all Armor Trims in Minecraft and guides you on using them to take your customization game to the next level!

What is an Armor Trim in Minecraft?

Armor Trims are a type of Smithing Templates, introduced in the latest Minecraft 1.20 update. They allow players to ornament their armor with a variety of colorful patterns. With 16 types of armor trims and 10 color options, you can create a truly unique look for your armor. While they don’t enhance your armor’s strength, these templates are among the most requested customization features in the game’s recent history. Now, let’s delve into finding and using these fantastic additions.

Armor Trim in Minecraft

Location of Armor Trims in Minecraft

Discovering Armor trims involves exploring their respective structures and looting the chests inside or brushing suspicious gravel in the trail ruins. However, some trims are rarer than others, and one even requires defeating a powerful mob. Here are the locations for each armor trim to help you get your hands on them:

Sentry Armor TrimPillager Outpost
Dune Armor TrimDesert Pyramid
Coast Armor TrimShipwreck
Wild Armor TrimJungle Temple
Tide Armor TrimOcean Monument
Ward Armor TrimAncient City
Vex Armor TrimWoodland Mansion
Rib Armor TrimNether Fortress
Snout Armor TrimBastion Remnant
Eye Armor TrimStronghold
Spire Armor TrimEnd City
Silence Armor TrimAncient City
Wayfinder Armor TrimTrail Ruins
Raiser Armor TrimTrail Ruins
Shaper Armor TrimTrail Ruins
Host Armor TrimTrail Ruins

Sentry Armor Trim

In order to obtain the Sentry Armor Trim in the latest Minecraft 1.20 version, you’ll need to search the chest perched at the highest point of the Pillager Outposts in the overworld dimensions. This trim bestows your helmet with a straightforward stripe. The chest plate dons a design that slightly resembles a bullseye or possibly a flower, marked with a central four-square pattern and striped shoulders. A matching four-square pattern is featured on the leggings, and a stripe embellishes the boots.

Worth mentioning, that acquiring the Sentry Armor Trim is generally considered the least challenging in contrast to the other Smithing Templates available.

Dune Armor Trim

The Dune Armor Trim can be found tucked away in the chests of the concealed subterranean chamber inside Minecraft’s Desert Temples. Be mindful of the potential TNT traps that could be triggered during your search. But, the good news is that with four chests available in the temple, you stand a chance of bagging multiple templates at once.

Coast Armor Trim

The Coast Armor Trim is found inside shipwrecks’ chests, boasting a sleek strip design throughout the armor. However, finding the right shipwreck could require some extra grind.

Wild Armor Trim

Concealed within Jungle Temples’ chests, the Wild Armor Trim adds spikey lines to your chestplate and straight ones to your leggings.

Tide Armor Trim

Unlike others, the Tide Armor Trim doesn’t spawn inside a chest. Instead, you have to defeat an Elder Guardian mob, who drops it half of the time. The design features an expressive face-like pattern.

Ward Armor Trim

The Ward Armor Trim is found in the chests of the Ancient City, home of the Warden. Despite the risks, the multitude of chests makes it relatively easy to obtain this trim.

Vex Armor Trim

The Vex Armor Trim, found in Woodland Mansion’s chests, features Vex-like eyelashes on the helmet and a long horizontal line on the chest plate.

Rib Armor Trim

The Rib Armor Trim, located in the Nether Fortress chests, is inspired by Wither Skeletons. It boasts a unique skeleton-like design across the armor.

Armor Trim in Minecraft

Snout Armor Trim

Located in the Bastion Remnant’s chests, the Snout Armor Trim is a tribute to Piglins and features a nostril design.

Eye Armor Trim

Found in Stronghold chests, the Eye Armor Trim features an Eye of Ender shape on the chest plate and cool geometric patterns on the rest of the Armor.

Spire Armor Trim

The Spire Armor Trim, my personal favorite, spawns inside the End Cities. It includes a clean stripe on your helmet and a checkered pattern on your feet and arms.

Silence Armor Trim

The Silence Armor Trim, found in Ancient City chests, is highly detailed and stylish, making it a coveted piece.

Raiser Armor Trim

Raising the bar of style in the game is the Raiser Armor Trim, which might give your avatar a grumpy look with its raised eyebrows design but make no mistake, it’s all part of the charm. The rest of the armor pieces are decorated with one-pixel diagonal lines, lending an edgy appeal to the entire outfit. This trim is found by brushing suspicious gravel blocks in the trail ruins.

Shaper Armor Trim

Living up to its name, the Shaper Armor Trim adds an aesthetic that harmoniously follows the contours of the armor piece. This detail is most notable on the sleeves of the chestplate, where the lines go against the edges of the armor, offering a remarkable contrast. As with its other trail ruins counterparts, you can discover this smithing template by excavating suspicious gravel blocks in these structures.

Host Armor Trim

If minimalist designs appeal to you, the Host Armor Trim will cater to your tastes. While it might not stand out with any over-the-top designs, it beautifully showcases the power of simplicity and understated elegance. Plus, when paired with other armor trims, it can blend perfectly well to create a balanced look. As with the previous templates, you can unearth this trim by brushing through the suspicious gravel in the trail ruins.

How to Use Armor Trims in Smithing Table

Now that you’ve become an expert in finding these armor trims, let’s dive into how to use them.

To put these smithing templates to use, you need a piece of armor, a coloring mineral, and a Smithing Table. Each of these items has a designated slot on the table, and the process doesn’t cost you any experience points. For those who enjoy added customization, you can combine the armor trims with leather armor, which can be colored using dye in Minecraft, creating a truly unique armor set.

When it comes to selecting colors for your armor trim, you have a palette of options to choose from:

  • Iron
  • Copper
  • Gold
  • Lapis
  • Emerald
  • Diamond
  • Netherite
  • Redstone
  • Amethyst
  • Quartz

Each material applies its unique color to the trimmed parts of your armor. Interestingly, you can also use the same material the armor is made of, but be aware, that the result might give you a different shade. For instance, using a gold trim on a gold armor piece will result in a darker shade of gold on the trimmed areas.

One critical point to remember, once your armor is trimmed, its design and color are permanent and cannot be changed. So, it’s essential to make thoughtful decisions regarding your armor trim choices.

Armor Trim in Minecraft

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In Conclusion

After all these years, Mojang has finally heeded the call of players for more customization options for armor in Minecraft. With the introduction of Armor Trim Smithing Templates in Minecraft 1.20, the creative opportunities are nearly limitless, with over a hundred designs to choose from. From the simplest designs found in trail ruins to the complex and stylish Silence Armor Trim hidden in the Ancient City, there’s a style for every Minecraft player.

Armor trims may not increase your armor’s strength or durability, but they undoubtedly enhance your gameplay experience, allowing you to stand out in your multiplayer sessions or simply take pride in your single-player endeavors. Just remember to take your time choosing your designs, as each choice is permanent.

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