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Craigslist is actually one of the biggest ads posting sites in the US and one of the largest around the globe. It is named after its founder who basically decided to keep the site largely ad-free in the interest of the community actually. Along with more than 60 million folks accessing the site in the US alone. There is no doubt that it is one of the top destinations for classified ads actually. Well, this is why it is so surprising that the famous classified site has no official apps for either Android or iOS platforms as well. In this article, we are going to talk about The Best Craigslist App for iPhone and Android. Let’s begin!

I will share a list of all the Android and iOS Craigslist apps that will definitely help you view, post, and also edit ads when on the move. After all, it is home to all sorts of ads such as jobs, services, automotive, housing, and even a place in order to sell stuff.

What Do These Craigslist Apps Offer?

If you guys have to the official craigslist website, then you guys might have liked the concept and the rich amount of information available. However, the lack of proper search filters and the overwhelming info can have discouraged you from using it for any practical purpose actually.

We now have many alternative mobile apps that basically run on your iPhones or Android phones. It has a user-friendly interface, and it also lets you explore all the ad listings of a specific type, from Craigslist, via the category filter.

The Best Craigslist App for iPhone and Android


Well, CPlus says that it is officially licensed by Craigslist and whenever I could not find any evidence to support it, the app basically works flawlessly. The UI and design are modern and functional, a refreshing take on the otherwise minimalist look of the website.

best craigslist app for iphone

Use this up-to-the-date app in order to buy and sell whatever you wish! You guys can post any types of goods there and you will definitely find something for you! When you are scrolling the ads, it will then give you the opportunity not only to view the pictures. But also to see the prices and advertisers’ notes, that allows you to compare the goods easily.

You can easily set your location to select only the nearby ads. But, if your job is connected to moving from one place to another on a regular basis or you are also a fan of traveling. Then opt for geo-location and your coordinates will be defined automatically actually!

If you guys look for the same things from time to time, then you just mark them favorite, and then you will easily access them the next time. CPlus also allows users in order to create or edit ads and classifieds and also post them to Craigslist. One of the best Craigslist apps as wlel.

CSmart | best craigslist app for iPhone 

CSmart app basically lets you search Craigslist ads and also classifieds via filters for category listing, price, location, color, date, area, condition, as well. It is basically compatible with both iPhones and iPads and is really quite handy along with useful shortcuts such as color coded and highlighted listings.

best craigslist app for iphone

Well, another feature that makes it one of the best craigslist apps on iOS is the notifications. That it sends you when something that was out-of-stock becomes available actually. Another of its features that may be helpful to you is its ability to view your search history column as well.

In case you are faced along with some difficulties when using the app, all of the information concerning its functions are available on the youtube channel. Also, any inquiries and offers are accepted on the Facebook page as well.


This app is easy-to-use yet functional and eye-catching as well. What makes this app special is the ability to select the ad layout that is actually more suitable for you, as well as either a light or dark theme too.

Along with a variety of filters, you can make sure that all your researches are really precise and complete. You will definitely find whatever you guys are looking for and will give you a wide choice of offers. In order to purchase the most suitable one at a reasonable price.

In case of your wish to get rid of useless things, taking a lot of space in your flat, then it will provide you with a feature in order to make your own post and sell them. You guys will definitely notice how roomy your house actually is!

best craigslist app for iphone

You can press the start button in order to bookmark or save a listing however, you can’t really save frequently made searches. Finally, you can also sort the listings on Craigslist and filter results with name, type, area, price, location, the picture only, date, and so on. The app is ad-supported that you can remove along with an in-app purchase.

Daily Craigslist Classifieds | best craigslist app for iPhone 

This Craigslist app is actually more like a mobile browser along with a bare-minimum UI on the inside. You can browse one or more cities at a time however, there are no advanced features such as night mode.

Just begin selecting a city either manually or using GPS and begin searching by keywords or by category actually. You will see a list of your recent search history however, that’s it. You can also save individual listings or search phrases so there’s that as well. One good thing about the app is basically the reply templates. If you find yourself sending the same message or reply over and over again, you can also save it as a template and re-use it whenever you guys want.

The Craigslist app for Android is absolutely free to use and ad-supported. You can delete these ads for a one-time payment of $2.99 as well.


CPro has really much the common features that you can find in classified listing apps. However, besides that, it also offers a 110% guarantee on items purchased through it as well.

You can also find services, items for sales, and other necessary listings using filters to search across multiple cities, select a price, type, and also save your searched items. However, apart from that, you can also buy virtual coins in order to pay for products. And services, and in return, you will then receive a guarantee on your purchased item.


It also has a night mode, a simple UI, and also many other filters that basically make it one of the best craigslist apps.

Smobile for Craigslist | best craigslist app for iPhone 

The last, however, not the least, Smobile for Craigslist made the list as it is the only app I could find. That allows you to browse the famous classified ads site anonymously. Yes, you read that correctly. There is actually no need to create an account and you connect with the buyer directly via the build-in chat system that the app offers.

Features like the ability in order to browse multiple cities at once, save your favorite ads. And searches for future references, filter listings, and also sort them are all available here. The UI is good and functional however, when compared with some of the other apps such as Cplus, it is okay. The real pull of Smobile for Craigslist is the ability to maintain anonymity. All sorts of folks use Craigslist and you guys will also find so many ads that include adult listings. In such a situation, it becomes necessary to maintain your privacy and think about your security actually.


This is the actually best classifieds app where you can buy any car that you want. Classifieds is one of the types of Craiglist apps, and it definitely brings the same vibe. Here you can also browse for the cars sold in your area, you can contact the sellers directly and carry all the discussion with them about the ending price.

Unlike most other classified apps for Craiglist, this one is minimalistic and it only deals with the sales section actually. This is really a simple, no-nonsense app for those who want to browse Craigslist only for items on sale.


It basically finds a place in the list of the best craigslist app for android in the shopping category. You can also even search for items in multiple cities. The filters are design in order to help you navigate via the sales listing really easily. It has no unnecessary features that will actually distract you. The simple interface and dedicated filters make it immensely useful if you need to buy items listed on Craigslist actually.

letgo | best craigslist app for iPhone 

Letgo is basically a fast-growing mobile marketplace in order to buy and sell locally. Instantly sell things you list on Letgo and find deals nearby. Such as electronics, games, clothes, cars, furniture, décor, and much more. Users can also chat along with others locally.

There are less and less traditional craigslist apps because technologies are evolving. And they are slowly replacing through the classifieds and second-hand app. And those are really good actually and don’t differ that much from the craigslist apps, just like this one.

This is the cool classifieds app where folks can sell their old stuff. And other people can also find rare things. That they have been looking for for a long time before. Just install letgo and see what offers you have in your own living area. You can also contact any seller in seconds and ask questions about the product and negotiate the price as well.


Alright, That was all Folks! I hope you guys like this “best craigslist app for iPhone ” article and also find it helpful to you. Give us your feedback on it. Also if you guys have further queries and issues related to this article. Then let us know in the comments section below. We will get back to you shortly.

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