Download Hydrogen OS Launcher APK for all Android devices [PORT]

OnePlus has a ROM designed especially for China: HydrogenOS. When we talk about Android versions by other manufacturers there is always an element that causes a lot of attraction: the launchers. The way in which applications and widgets are displayed on the desktop. A part that is also easy to replicate in other devices and HydrogenOS has not resisted. We can now test your launcher on any mobile.

Hydrogen OS Launcher APK

Thanks to the community of users of XDA we can enjoy a rather elusive launcher that we would not have been able to enjoy otherwise in our mobile since OnePlus has focused its efforts with Hydrogen OS in China. Before talking about it, we go with a video to see it on the move.

What does this launcher offer? A dock with all the applications that we have installed. That is, nothing to do separation between two or three screens and then a drawer with all the apps we have. Of course, it is very fast when it comes to moving between pages and we can customize it in several ways.

Namely: change the wallpaper, the basic colour and a widget with the time. The combination that makes putting the bottom on the top with the widget and then leaving the rest of the screen for access works very well. It is not the most visual and spectacular launcher that you are going to try but it works perfectly and it is quite useful.

 Download Hydrogen OS Launcher APK [Port v0.3]

To install it, we just have to download the application and that’s it. No need to root to work properly. If you have a mobile with a virtual pushbutton, it is possible that I give you some other problem when configuring the launcher. Keep in mind that the launcher was designed for mobile without it (OnePlus One).

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