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It is safe to say that you are using an Allwinner A10 ARM processor-based smartphone or tablet? If yes would you say you are searching for a simple method to flash the Android firmware (.img file) of your device on SD or smaller scale SD cards? If yes is your answer, then you are on the correct page. Download PhoenixCard Tool, dispatch it on your PC and use the application to flash .img firmware file on the outside storage device for Android devices.

PhoenixCard is a little utility device that enables you to make a bootable image of Android firmware on the external memory cards of Android smartphones and tablets. Here we have given all the working forms of this tool.

PhoenixCard Features:

1) Burn .img Firmware:

Using this tool, you can consume .img firmware file on any outside memory cards (SD and smaller scale SD cards as it were). As such, you can undoubtedly make a bootable picture of .img firmware on Micro SD and SD cards using this tool.

2) Simple UI:

The user interface of this tool is too straightforward that even a novice can use it to make a bootable picture of .img firmware file on outer memory cards. To consume the firmware file on outer SD or small scale SD card, you should simply embed the outside storage device using a card peruser, dispatch PhoenixCard, select “Circle” and “Img File” and click on “Consume”.

3) Supports Allwinner A10 ARM Processor:

You can use this instrument to make a bootable picture of .img firmware file for Android smartphones and tablets using Allwinner A10 ARM Processor.

4) Supports All Windows Version:

PhoenixCard device bolsters all variants of the Windows working framework, i.e., you can use this instrument on all Windows-based PCs.

5) Portable Application:

PhoenixCard comes as a convenient application, i.e., you don’t need to install it on your PC to use this application. Simply click on the PhoenixCard.exe file to dispatch its Window.

Download PhoenixCard Tool:

Latest Version | PhoenixCard v3.1.0 

PhoenixCard v3.0.9

PhoenixCard v3.0.6

Points To Remember:

1) You can use this tool to flash Android firmware (.img file) on the outer storage devices of Android smartphones and tablets.

2) Once you flash the firmware file on your SD or Micro SD card, you can’t design the outer memory card as the firmware can be perused distinctly by the ROMBoot of your device’s motherboard. If you might want to arrange your SD or Micro SD card, you need to use the “Configuration To Normal” alternative in PhoenixCard.

3) We don’t know who has built up this tool. But rather if you know about the maker, compassionately let us know. We will be happy to offer credits to the maker.

4) If you face any difficulties while using this device, you can connect with us using the remarks area given underneath.

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