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With the great use that we give to our smartphones and, above all, thanks to its growing storage capacity, these little by little are becoming a catch-all in which we accumulate photos, memories, funny videos and files that we want to save forever. To have a backup copy of all these files we can always use the cloud, but another good option is to transfer all those files to our PC through a USB cable to have a local copy. And if you have a Samsung phone, that happens by downloading Samsung USB Driver for Mobile Phones to your computer.

What is the Samsung USB Driver for Mobile Phones and what is it for?

Well, the name of the program could not be more explicit. Basically it is a package of drivers and drivers with which you can manage and manage all the files stored in the internal memory of your Android smartphone of the South Korean brand (photos, videos, contacts, etc.) directly from a PC, either an old one with Windows XP or a much more modern one with the latest Microsoft operating system, such as Windows 10.

An alternative to Samsung Kies.

In this way, the moment you connect your old Galaxy S7 or your brand new S10 (better not to try it with the Note 9 … the results can be explosive) by USB, your computer will automatically recognize the device as one more disk drive and the process It will be much simpler and more intuitive. This is common in many brands of smartphone, as is the case of Xiaomi and Mi PC Suite, although we are used to plugging our phone to the computer and start transferring files without more as if a plug-and-play device.


File size: 24.59 MB

Date: April 16, 2019

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You can also Download them from Samsung Official Website. And you can also Download the Samsung Drives from a third-party website.

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