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Dragon’s Dogma Online will end its Service in Japan by the end of 2019

This adventure of action and role never came to be released in the West.

Dragon's Dogma Online will end its Service in Japan by the end of 2019

Capcom has announced that Dragon’s Dogma Online will close its Japanese servers next December 5 after just over four years in the Japanese market. This adventure action and online role, which premiered on PlayStation 4, PS3 and PC as a free game, never came to be published in the West despite the desire of its fans to enjoy the game.

The reasons for the closure of servers have to do with the increasing difficulty of offering a satisfactory service for Japanese fans. That is why Dragon’s Dogma Online will gradually go off to put an end to your online adventure in December 2019. It will be no longer possible to download the game from July 11 and the option to buy additional content will be canceled.

The father of Dragons Dogma recently premiered the great Devil May Cry 5 and showed interest in working on Dragons Dogma 2. However, to date,67 Capcom has not announced anything about it.

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