Be very careful with this email that goes through Apple

Phishing tactics are quite common and you have to be very careful, it is a method that cybercriminals use to deceive you and get personal information. Now new hackers have appeared that intend to get the information from your Apple ID.

These hackers send you an email by posing as Apple itself to try to get your mail and password, so they could make purchases for you to block your devices. I received this same email so we are going to share some advice in case something similar comes to you.

Apple Pishing

Beware of Apple phishing

The email in question shows a text not entirely well written that seems written by Apple, it specifies that our Apple ID could be in danger due to a new login. To avoid that our ID is blocked you must click on the link and identify yourself. This is something that Apple would rarely do, and less with an image with this quality.

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Right below it appears a link that sends us to a website that mimics the Apple support website almost perfectly. This is where the real problem is, if we put our email and password from Apple they will be able to steal all our data.

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