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Elden Ring is going to tell his Story more like Dark Souls than like Sekiro

The FromSoftware videogame will once again bet on an untraditional and less direct narrative than its last videogame.

Elden Ring is going to tell his Story more like Dark Souls than like Sekiro

There are many features that have become tremendously recognizable from the work of FromSoftware. The devilish difficulty, the careful artistic direction of the works and, in addition, a very particular way of telling stories that seem to be the one for which Elden Ring also bets, the new work of the studio.

Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice, for example, opted for a more traditional narrative style in comparison with other works of the studio, and that is that for example the titles of the Souls saga have had a much more fragmented style and based more on observation and the exploration that in watching cinematics or listening to how that story is told. Your new video game will do the same.

Collaborate with Martin allows greater risk with the storyIt has made it clear Hidetaka Miyazaki, the game director and head of the Japanese study, which has explained that the collaboration with George RR Martin in the creation of the universe will allow him to experiment and take risks more with the way you want to tell stories. That will allow him to separate more from his latest work, Sekiro, and re-bet on something non-traditional like what we have seen in the Dark Souls.

It should be remembered that in this type of games the story is based more on observation than on a more standard narrative based on conversations or cinematics. Yes, there are dialogues with secondary characters, but these offer more clues than certainties, and you have to complete everything with the exploration of the world or the reading of the descriptions of the objects, among other tools with which the study has been feeling very comfortable in recent years.

It is not the only element in which there will be inspiration from the Dark Souls, there will also be in the playable, and if you want to know more about the game do not hesitate to consult our first details about Elden Ring.

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