Everyone criticizes the iPhone XI camera, as they criticized the iPhone X or the iPhone 4

Those of us who have been around for a few years now know how leaks usually work around a new iPhone model. It is something that has happened since the iPhone 4 and that keeps repeating year after year, of course with the leaks of the new iPhone XI is happening exactly the same.

The first schemes and renders that appear on each iPhone do not convince anyone, but later when you see the final design there are many who change their minds. In the end, Apple manages to impose its design criteria and all end up following them, it has happened with the notch and with the vertical camera of the iPhone X recently.

iPhone XI Leaks

The iPhone XI will like when Apple presents it

When Apple carried out its first big redesign on the iPhone more than 9 years ago, the famous iPhone 4 that appeared in a bar, nobody liked it and everyone saw it as a design that Apple was not able to do. Even today it is still considered one of the best iPhones that Apple has designed.

iPhone XI Concept

Concept of Hassan Kaymak by ConceptsiPhone

The same thing happened very recently with the iPhone X, the rear camera in a vertical position was something that nobody understood and that they saw extremely ugly. In the end, the iPhone X arrived with a double camera in an upright position and the design fell in love with almost everyone, it has even been something that has become popular and many of today’s smartphones have cameras in an upright position.

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The new iPhone XI will have three cameras located on a square ledge, now everyone criticizes it but when Apple presents it definitely opinions will change, as they have done all these years. It is not the same to see leaks as the final design.

If anything has characterized all the iPhone is to have a quite unique and differential design. Of course, we all would like the cameras to stand out from the body of the device and to be hidden, but it does not seem to be possible with current technology. So, although now it seems horrible, you’ll probably end up changing your mind.

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