Facebook Data Leak, the data of 540 million users uncovered

Facebook does not raise its head. The company led by Mark Zuckerberg is still in its run of bad news, that although we will not enter if they are deserved or not, they have happened in a relatively short period of time. Since the Cambridge Analytica scandal, which was unveiled just over a year ago, users’ trust in the most important social network in the world has been decreasing markedly. And the news that we bring you today is not going to make this situation better.

Through the cybersecurity team of the company UpGuard, it has been reported two important breaches of security on Facebook that would have exposed the data of more than 540 million users. From comments and reactions to more specific profile data such as names and users, all this would be in the databases that have been obtained. And the focus of the problem is again on the Facebook applications created by third parties.

Facebook Data Leak

Even in a second case that affected “only” 22,000 users, the passwords of the unencrypted profiles would have leaked, assuming an even more serious case than the previous one. All this is because the information was in some servers in the Amazon network that allowed public downloads, a security hole that the responsible companies have already been notified of. But, again, we are faced with the dilemma of the data that Facebook delivers on us.

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Our main concern should not be whether or not these companies have the necessary security to handle our data, as well. We would have to think if they should be able to access them in this way, in the first place. Of course, certain applications need our information in order to function correctly but they should not have so much data at their disposal.

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