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Galaxy Fold shows screen problems Only 48 hours of Use!

Finally, Samsung has presented its Galaxy Fold device to the press earlier this week, at least physically, and since yesterday they have been publishing the first impressions of these devices that were given to them as analysis.

This device that is the first folding smartphone from Samsung that comes with the impressive price of USD $ 2,000 has been tested by several journalists, throwing problems at the screen level.

Galaxy Fold: Screen problems

In recent days, journalists from CNBCThe Verge and Bloomberg have reported a number of drawbacks to screening level of Fold Galaxy.

The first problem was to report Steve Kovach, technology editor CNBC, who yesterday afternoon on Twitter uploaded a video which shows how this device presents one flicker on the screen.

Kavach says that all he did was open the device and he found that blink. The editor mentions that when talking with Samsung, the company did not want to offer statements until investigating what happened.

A strange bulge

Meanwhile,  Dieter Bohn of The Verge explains that your device test showed no flicker like Kavach, but this, however, showed one bump right in the area of the hinge which caused lines of OLED panel break.

The same Bohn explained that only took using the device 48 hours and that in reporting on the downside to Samsung, the company proceeded to replace the unit of analysis while investigating what had caused the failure of the first team.

Galaxy Fold shows screen problems Only 48 hours of Use!

The screen ‘stopped working’

Mark Gurman editor of Bloomberg has been another journalist who has presented problems with the Galaxy Fold , however, this time the editor says he removed a kind of protective plastic that was on the main screen.

Gurman mentions that after two days of using the device it began to present gradual problems at the screen level until it stopped working.

A protective layer

Also, youtuber Marques Brownlee, mentioned that like Gurman removed the protective layer of the Galaxy Fold, however, and for the fate of Brownlee your device has been working properly, at least until now.

Brownlee and Gurman note that Samsung not has put any kind of warning to alert the user to not remove this layer, so it should include a warning on the box or manual.

Faced with these events,  Samsung reported that notify users that this plastic should not be detached since it is part of the structure of the screen and works as a protective layer against unintentional scratches and other damage, so the removal or adding adhesives to the main screen could cause damage.

For now, it is not known if these drawbacks will affect the distribution of the new Galaxy Fold that is expected to be made later this month.

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