Goodbye to iTunes: New Icons for Apple Apps

After the event last March in which Apple introduced new services the company said that its new Apple TV + video platform would be available on their computers with the next update of macOS. We did not know very well if it would be included independently or as a section within iTunes.

A few days ago we reported that there were rumors about the separation of Apple apps that now integrate iTunes, and today Guilherme Rambo, developer and editor of 9to5mac confirms that we will see 4 new apps and has revealed their icons.

New Icons for Apple Apps

Does this mean the end of iTunes?

As Guilherme has learned, Apple will launch independent applications of Apple Music, Podcast, TV and a complete redesign of the Books app. These apps will be designed with Marzipan, the Apple project that allows you to easily migrate iOS applications to macOS.

If Apple releases these four new apps in macOS 10.15, iTunes will no longer make as much sense as it does now. According to information from Guilherme, iTunes will continue to be available because at the moment Apple does not have another application to synchronize and make backup copies of our iOS deterrents, however, it will no longer be so important.

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Apple must report all these developments at its developer conference that will take place in early June. In WWDC 2019, the company will hold new versions of iOS, watchOS, and macOS in the city of San José on June 3. We will see many new features and surely Apple boasts of its tool that converts iOS apps into apps for macOS.

The end of iTunes in the medium term may be real but we will have to wait and see what the company says. Every time there is less to know all these developments that Apple has prepared us, macOS is not going to be the only system with news as we expect a lot from iOS 13.

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