Best Free Gramblr Alternatives You Can Use

Gramblr Alternatives

Gramblr is basially an app that lets you upload pictures and videos from your PC to the Instagram app. If you guys are old Instagram users, then you guys might be aware of this app. You can also use the Instagram app on your PC with this excellent app without even having a smartphone. In this article, we are going to talk about Best Free Gramblr Alternatives You Can Use. Let’s begin!

The app was first introduced in 2008, and it also had so many users. But, the Gramblr app is not available since it was pulled down from its official website as well. So, if you are one of the users of Gramblr and also searching for a similar app, you guys are in the right place. Here we now have a wide range of hand-picked gramblr alternatives best Free Gramblr as well

Best Free Gramblr Alternatives You Can Use

All these apps also have their plus points, so select them wisely. We will give you the details of each app with a download link. So you gys can download the app and start using it.


The flume app also lets you use your Instagram account on PC and lets you send messages, upload photos or videos, and much more. You guys can easily switch between multiple accounts. One can also use this tool for group conversations and can share pictures and videos easily.

If you guys have an Instagram Business Profile, this tool helps you show the stats related to your comments and followers as well.

  • It can also move between many accounts seamlessly.
  • Along with full support for square and initial formats, get instant access to direct messaging.
  • It can also be used for group chats and for picture and video sharing.
  • You can use it to see your recent events and get updates from the desktop.
  • Flume can also give you helpful stats linked to your fans and feedback if you guys are using an Instagram Company profile.

Download Flume


It is one of the best alternatives to Gramblr is Later actually. The later app is getting more famous nowadays as all the Instagram users are now checking their analytical summaries as well. This app also has both paid and free versions.

In the free version, you guys can schedule a post whenever you wish to publish it on Instagram. But, if you want to schedule a post in bulk, then you have to use the premium version. In short, the Later app also lets you schedule posts on Instagram.

  • It will basically turn between multiple accounts smoothly.
  • Automatically prepare, schedule, and then post your Instagram feeds.
  • It comes with a calendar of visual material and plans the posts just like a breeze.
  • You will also use it to keep your content synchronized and in order to merge your laptop, Dropbox, Google account, and many other accounts effortlessly.


With the Grum app, you guys can easily schedule Instagram posts for a week. Use this app on your PC and then upload photos or schedule them on your Instagram account whenever you guys want.

Apart from this, there are filters, hashtags, and also calendar posts for Multi-accounting posts. If you guys are using more than one account. Then you don’t have to log in and log out every time to change the account.

  • Shows images on a grid
  • No upsetting reminders as well
  • Pleasant user interface also

Grum Website

Desktop for Instagram | Gramblr Alternatives

A simple app also lets you access your Instagram account on PC just like you guys use on smartphones. It permits you to easily upload pictures from your PC, open it, and then download photos in full HD.

You guys can check out notifications. You can also do everything with this app, as we do on a smartphone. Just the difference is this app can be used on a PC as well.

  • Upload photos from your PC
  • There is a full-screen mode also available.
  • Reproduce full-screen Instagram images as well
  • Also, no download limits

Get Desktop for the Instagram App


Bluestacks is the most famous emulator and is also the best alternative to Gramblr. One can also use it on both Mac and Windows PC. And it is absolutely free to download without even any in-app purchases. So, download the app on your PC and then log in to your Gmail account.

Get the Instagram app and then log in to your account. That’s it. Start using Instagram on your PC if you guys don’t really have a smartphone.

  • Import media from everywhere, such as Dropbox and Google Drive, etc.
  • You can check for the material and find it in a jiffy.
  • Turn Instagram profiles for convenience as well.
  • Content performance reviews also.

Download Bluestacks

Windows Instagram App | Gramblr Alternatives

Windows 10 Instagram App is absolutely free to download from Microsoft Store as well. You guys can easily access all your direct messages on Instagram, view recent like, and much more. As it is a windows app, then you can use it on your PC and also add images to your Instagram account.

You can choose any photo from your gallery, or else you guys can use the desktop camera and capture a picture.

  • In order to access your direct messages, view recent likes and search your accounts
  • Add pictures to your Instagram account directly from your PC without even any effort.
  • Only right-click and choose the New Post option on the App icon.

Download Windows Instagram App


InstaZood is also another alternative to Gramblr. One of the easiest ways to get from your PC to your Instagram account actually. The built-in Instagram bot promises in order to add more followers to Instagram. You just have to make an Instagram profile that is accurate and beautiful as well. In short, even on your mobile devices, InstaZood is actually the perfect way to handle your overall Instagram account. So, if you guys want to get more followers really fast, you can give InstaZood a shot.

  • The Instagram bot can also even work for smart devices easily, so you guys can handle all your operations.
  • Providing your account along with high-end protections.
  • Guarantees to give the customers full technical assistance.
  • Almost all types of activities can be automated, also including likes, tweets, followers, and also views.


Alright, That was all Folks! I hope you guys like this article and also find it helpful to you. Give us your feedback on it. Also if you guys have further queries and issues related to this article. Then let us know in the comments section below. We will get back to you shortly.

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