How many versions of iOS has each iPhone model been updated?

With the arrival on the market of iOS 13, many devices are going to stop having official support from Apple. However, the company is known for offering more years of updates to their smartphones, such as the iPhone 5s, who could enjoy up to 5 years.

But how many versions of iOS has each iPhone model been updated? A report from the Statista portal shows us clearly the time in which Apple offers support to each of its models.

From the iPhone of 2007 (which came to iPhone OS 3, the third version of the operating system) to the iPhone SE, a mobile of 2016 that will also receive the update to the latest version of iOS.

iPhone X

How long does Apple support older iPhone models?

At the moment, the mobile that more time endured updates was the iPhone 5S, a smartphone launched on the market in 2013 with iOS 7 and could be updated to iOS 12, breaking the barrier of five updates from his other brothers.

The iPhone 5S was the first of the models with the Touch ID sensor and reached the market by mounting the A7 chip, the first with 64 bits in the entire industry, which allowed it to be valid for many years. Although, with the latest update, only had access to some important features.

iPhone support

While, among recent, the iPhone X of the tenth anniversary was born in 2017 with iOS 11 and, of course, is among the terminals available to receive the latest version. But, on the other side, the iPhone 6 and its older brother – the iPhone 6 Plus – stayed in the door and will not receive more support from Apple.

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Those who will reach the latest version of iOS are the iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S Plus 2015, two terminals of which in recent months it was doubted whether they really receive iOS 13.

In short, Apple has been characterized by offering several years of updates and everything seems to indicate that this will continue for longer. Although, with the new features of iOS and hardware specifications of the latest iPhone, it is likely to end up being the iPhone 8 terminal floor to be updated in the next versions.

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