How to Keep your Mac safe and free of viruses with Intego

Apple operating systems have always been characterized by high security, traditionally the Macs have not been subject to virus attack, however in recent years things have changed. It is true that macOS is still a more secure system than Windows, but that does not mean that it is infallible.

For that reason perhaps now it is more essential than ever to have a good antivirus on our Mac and Intego is one of the best tools that we will find. In addition, it is not just a barrier against viruses, we have many more tools available that will allow us to block content to make backup copies.


Intego is much more than an antivirus

When we hear about antivirus we all think of a program that runs in parallel and warns us when we discover a problem, the Intego toolkit does that and much more. We have many useful features that will keep our Mac safe and even make it work faster.

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One of the main tools that will make any virus affect our Mac. In the last year, hackers have created new types of malware for Mac that includes three RATs (tools used by hackers to control infected Macs), crypto hackers that can slow down and overheat your Mac, fake antivirus software, fake Flash players and some spyware, among many other things.

VirusBarrier X9 will protect your Mac against all the latest malware threats and, in addition, is able to scan our iOS devices for malware, we simply connect them to our Mac and VirusBarrier will take care of everything.


The built-in Mac firewall only blocks incoming connections, NetBarrier X9 is a bi-directional firewall, that is, it also prevents applications from sending information without their permission and, therefore, can help detect applications with a questionable behavior that send information private to the developer’s server.

Personal Backup

Backup copies have become essential and the Intego backup tool is a perfect complement to Time Machine. It also has some better features than Apple’s tool such as the ability to schedule when you want the copy to be made so it does not interrupt your workflow.


This tool will allow us to control the entire internet and will give us new special parental controls so that the little ones do not enter certain websites. You can use different profiles, control the time they remain connected to the internet and monitor at all times which websites are visited.

Mac Washing Machine

One of the functions that I liked the most about Intego software is this tool that will allow us to analyze our Mac completely in search of files that take up too much space. Mac Washing Machine allows you to delete old copies, find duplicates, delete old files and much more.

With all this we will get extra space on our Mac that will make it move faster in the day to day and in the meantime, we will remove some files that we did not even know existed.

It is a set of really useful tools for all Mac users that you can download for free to try them for a few days.

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